Push-to-Talk (PTT)

Whether you’re looking for a replacement push-to-talk button for your Maverick’s communication system or PTT parts to fix your current push-to-talk unit, we’ve got what you’re searching for here at Everything Can-Am Offroad. Regardless if you love PTT functionality or you hate it, it’s unequivocal that push-to-talk buttons lead to less confusion and interruption when communicating in a Can-Am Maverick. When you’re talking to your buddies in their vehicles up the way, systems that utilize half-duplex communication technologies (i.e systems that incorporate PTT buttons) help when organizing a ride. Furthermore, they also help for in-bike discussions by segmenting the discussion into one-way intervals, thereby stopping people from talking over each other. In addition to the PTT buttons themselves, we also offer button replacement, PTT wire harnesses, male PTT plugs and female PTT plugs.

We have PTT mounts as well so you can put your PTT button wherever you want inside your Maverick. Grab bar PTT mounts put the PTT button right on the passenger’s grab bar, and some aftermarket Maverick steering wheels come with prefabricated PTT mounting locations. And for those who want their PTT button as close as possible, we have velcro PTT units that can be strapped around your wrist, attached to your shoulder, or wrapped around any loop or ring. Foot activated PTT units are even available, which you can tap with your heal or toe to activate without having to take your hands off the steering wheel. With the ability to mount your PTT button at a place of your choosing, the flexibility of our PTT buttons is second to none. Use one with your UTV intercom or plug one directly into your side-by-side radio. From the standard three-pin PTT connector to male-style PPT wires, we have the right push-to-talk unit to work with any communication device. For quality PTT buttons at unbeatable prices, shop Everything Can-Am Offroad today!

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