Race Air Pumper System

Fresh, dust-free air in your Can-Am Maverick is not overrated. Half windshields will do nothing to stop dust from getting in the front of your UTV, and full windshields create a back-draft that brings more dust inside the cab from the sides and rear. For the best way to keep dirt and dust out of your face, a full-face pumper helmet attached to an air pumper system is the way to go. Sure you could just not ride in super dry and dusty conditions, but you don’t have to make that choice. If you don’t like dust turning into mud when it accumulates on your face and mixes with sweat and saliva, a race air pumper system will be your greatest friend inside your Can-Am Maverick. Even if you’re not following anyone or leaving a lot of space between vehicles, there’s no way to stop dust from getting into your cockpit. Enclose your Maverick and seal it up as best you can, and you’ll still be fighting dust if you ride in dry areas. But let’s say, hypothetically, you do manage to seal up your Maverick tighter than a bugs butt, the issue then becomes hot, stale air. Not only do race air pumper systems keep dust away form your face, but they also cool you down. Add helmet speakers and helmet communication kits to your pumper helmet and you can go all day without taking it off!

Pumper units like the Speedway Tru Air Pumper Air Pump Blower are the perfect addition to your fresh air equipped helmet. The 12v blower provides clean air inside the helmet while preventing the helmet shield from fogging over. The kit includes the remote mount blower fan and filter assembly with a 4′ hose. Similar kits by companies like Rugged Radios also work well. So whether you need an air pump, a pumper helmet, hose mounts, pumper switches, or an entire air pumper kit for your Can-Am Maverick, we’ve got the components and systems for you do to so!

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