UTV Intercoms and Accessories

Some riders enjoy the ability to talk to the passengers and / or copilot in their Can-Am Maverick without having to yell; and the best way to do this is with a UTV intercom setup. Can-Am Maverick intercoms are regarded by may riders as way better than a sound system. Because not only can you use them to communicate with others, you can also play music through them. A good intercom will block a lot of the engine noise coming from your Maverick so you don’t feel deaf after a long ride. You can even attach a radio transmitter and receiver to your intercom for UTV-to-UTV communications. With inputs for music devices and cell phones as well as an AUX port to record intercom audio to an action cam like the GoPro, the use options for UTV intercoms are various and diverse. Some intercom units come with voice activated in-cab comm functionality, which negates the need for a PTT button and provides a hands free communication experience. Music dimming is another intercom feature that many riders enjoy, which allows you to listen to music, then lowers the music volume when someone talks. With 2 and 4 person intercom systems for the Can-Am Maverick — with optional expansion kits for up to 8 people — you and your gang can always be interconnected.

One caveat to using a UTV intercom is that your ears might get hurt listening to passengers scream bloody murder while you’re trying to rip. However, there are of course volume controls and VOX (Voice Activated Transmit) volume activation levels to automatically switch on or off the mic of either the passengers or the driver. Pair your in-helmet communication kit to a Maverick intercom for added safety, or use an old-fashioned over-ear headset with a mic boom. For the finest UTV audio and communication in a Can-Am Maverick, it’s impossible to beat an intercom system from Everything Can-Am Offroad.

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