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A lot of the farmer’s we’ve talked to don’t get overly excited about big lift kits or aftermarket clutches — although we do know a few who’ve souped up their UTVs with all the bells and whistles and still haul hay and feed about every other day. Rather, it’s the simple things like a flip-out screen and windshield wiper combination, Can-am Maverick disc plows, and other UTV farming implements that really crank their tractors. Whatever agrarian projects you might be undertaking, by using your Can-am Maverick, you can accomplish them quicker, easier, and with less effort. Here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got all the best Can-Am Maverick farming implements and attachments to get the job done right and with time to spare. And not just any Can-am Maverick attachments will do. No, you need your Can-Am Maverick farm accessories to be able to last as long as you do and never falter on those hard-working days when you need them the most. The Fimco remote spreader is a great UTV farming attachment for the back of the Maverick. You can seed pastures with it, conduct the occasional soybean replant, and do it all via a corded remote from the drivers seat of your side-by-side. Like most Can-am Maverick farming implements, this variable speed spreader mounts to the receiver hitch of your UTV. If you’re half as handy as most farmers we know, however, you can probably make a custom bracket in the metal shop on your farm. Farming aside, with proper farming tools, the Maverick is a great rig for just seeding grass or landscaping large yards. We’ve seen it used for planting clover, brassica food plots, and general fertilizing.


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1 - 36 of 59 products

The old proverb “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” proves particularly true with farmers. The rugged individualism, self reliance, and work ethic of farmers and ranchers is second to none. But that doesn’t necessarily translate to UTV farming accessories. After all, if you’re tractor has a fully integrated, Bluetooth streaming sound system, why doesn’t your side-by-side? And any performance gains you achieve from aftermarket accessories can serve a dual purpose, both on the farm and on the trail. A little advice from us here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, unless your using your Can-am Maverick to farm high cotton, we wouldn’t suggest lifting your farm rig. Farmers are typically getting in and out of their vehicles constantly, and the additional height of a lift is a real pain. Also be aware that some states do sales tax exemptions on UTVs for farmers, and there is a farming/agriculture discount on every utility machine used for commercial purposes. It gets you an additional discount and 2 year warranty no charge. All you need is proof of a business, tax ID, and a check with the business’ name on it or anything that proves you are linked to a business. So get those discounts and get the Can-am Maverick farming implements to help you do what you do better!

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