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Fire/Medical Rescue

From fire extinguishers and first aid kits for the Can-Am Maverick to professional-grade fire and medical rescue accessories, keep yourself and others safe with the side-by-side search and rescue, firefighting, and EMT tools available at Everything Can-Am Offroad. Whether you're wanting to convert your Can-Am Maverick into an off-road firetruck or an all-terrain rescue ambulance, it can be done with the fire and medical rescue accessories available at Everything Can-Am Offroad. Whatever the operation you're conducting entails, proper cooperation and coordination is paramount. And to ensure that everyone on your teams knows their role, Can-Am Maverick communication accessories like intercoms, handheld radios, and all-in-one wireless headsets can and should be used. No matter if you're a forrest ranger investigating a call in the backwoods, a wildlife emergency medical technician helping out an injured hunter, or a volunteer search and rescue member looking for a lost hiker, the right fire and medical rescue accessories for the Can-Am Maverick can increase your chances of success dramatically! So don't put it off any longer and pick up exactly what you need for a triumphant outcome today!

When accessibility is an issue and the terrain is extremely rugged, there are few vehicles better suited for off-road firefighting and medical rescue than the Can-Am Maverick. Furthermore, because the Maverick can traverse the most rough and irregular of terrain conditions, it is also a great vehicle to use for disaster relief purposes. Be it a washed out highway or a road ravaged by earthquakes, there are only a handful of obstacles that can thwart the Can-Am Maverick. So regardless of whether you're a trained first responder, a professional firefighter, or just a concerned ammeter assisting in a forrest search and rescue mission, get the perfect fire and medical rescue accessories for any task here at Everything Can-Am Offroad.

2 products

2 products