Floor and Bed Mats

Are you seeking unparalleled interior protection for your Can-Am Maverick? Look no further than our exclusive range of Can-Am Maverick Floor Mats, expertly crafted for your adventurous needs on all surfaces! Each mat in our collection is designed with raised edges, skillfully trapping dirt and debris, keeping your Maverick's interior immaculately clean. With these splash-resistant mats are a safeguard against the unpredictable elements of the wild, ensuring that water and mud stay at bay. With easy-to-clean features, these mats offer hassle-free maintenance, allowing you more time to enjoy your adventures. Additionally, their smell-free material keeps your Maverick's cabin fresh, no matter the terrain you conquer, the time of the year, or the weather!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick Floor Mats?

Can-Am Maverick R Floor Mat Materials

Rubber Mats

These are a go-to choice for the Maverick owner, particularly if you're navigating challenging terrains and you want protection and a bit of added comfort, without any major compromises.

Their robustness and easy-cleaning properties make them indispensable for environments prone to mud, water, or dirt. 

Aluminum Mats

Providing a solid layer of protection to your Can-Am Maverick, aluminum mats not only safeguard the Maverick’s floor but also add an element of sleek, rugged aesthetics. 

Be mindful, though, that they are more fixed and can feel colder in lower temperatures.

Plush Liners

For less intense rides or for those who prefer a blend of luxury with adventure, plush liners offer a softer, more comfortable experience. 

They suit the Can-Am Maverick’s dynamic character during leisurely cruises if you are the type of person who enjoys that.

Design Features

Opting for floor mats with raised edges in your Can-Am Maverick is a wise choice indeed as these designs are great for trapping spills and dirt, thus protecting your vehicle’s interior.

A combination of a durable aluminum base and a rubber top can be a fantastic solution, offering both resilience and convenience in maintenance.

Smart Features

Seek out mats that come equipped with innovative features that are going to make your life easier.

Enhanced traction, thermal insulation, water-resistant coatings, and simple installation are some of the functionalities that elevate the practicality and sophistication of your Maverick’s floor mats.

Floor Mat vs. Underlay Choices

Standard floor mats are versatile and user-friendly, especially suitable for regular use across varied landscapes. 

They are easy to remove and clean, making them a practical choice for most Maverick owners out there.

On the other hand, underlays provide a fixed, stable foundation, ideal for extreme off-roading activities. For the best of both worlds, consider combining the two. 

This approach ensures your Can-Am Maverick is equipped for both everyday use and more adventurous excursions, it’s all up to you.