Mobility Equipment Accessories

Whether you've lost the stamina you once had in your youth, or you've been paralyzed from the waist down since day one, being wheelchair- or scooter-bound doesn't preclude you from living the off-road lifestyle! Regardless of the mobility equipment you use -- be walkers, power scooters, or electric wheelchairs -- it can all be stored securely and transported from place to place while riding with one of the Can-Am Maverick mobility equipment accessories from Everything Can-Am Offroad! Our mobility racks have built-in ramps, which makes getting your equipment up and down a little easier. And because they slide right into you vehicle's receiver hitch, you don't need any special mounts, brackets, or attachments!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick Mobility Equipment Accessories?

Types of Can-Am Maverick Mobility Equipment Accessories


For carriers, it's important to select Can-Am Maverick models that are not only sturdy and durable but also compatible with the specific dimensions and weight of your mobility equipment. 

You ought to look for carriers that can be securely attached to your Can-Am Maverick, providing stable transportation for mobility scooters, power chairs, and other essentials.


Ramps are another critical consideration to keep an eye out for, especially if you need them for loading and unloading your wheelchair.

Depending on your specific needs, you might opt for a simple mechanical ramp or a more advanced powered model. 

The key is to choose ramps that offer safe and easy loading and unloading of mobility devices, taking into account the terrain and the height of your Maverick.

Wheelchair Integration Accessories

Investigate platform lifts and adaptable seating options that are specifically designed for the Can-Am Maverick.

These solutions should enhance your driving experience without compromising on excitement or comfort on all surfaces.

Think about what you need and what you want to have, and make your choices according to these.


They should provide efficient storage solutions for various aids like walkers or camping gear, without sacrificing space or accessibility.

Understanding your needs here is crucial before making a decision as racks are bought by people who actually need them.

The weight capacity and compatibility of your mobility equipment accessories with the Can-Am Maverick are paramount. 

Either way, you have to ensure that carriers, ramps, and racks can support the weight of your equipment and more, aligning with the Maverick’s load capabilities. 

Balancing the weight capacity is key to avoiding any potential issues and utilizing your accessories safely for many years to come.

Build Materials

Depending on your specific needs, aluminum might be preferred for its lightweight strength and resistance to corrosion, while steel offers robustness. 

The material should support the accessory's function while considering the impact on the Maverick's performance.

Don’t forget about all the little parts such as bolts, screws, carrying brackets, mounts, and joints as all of these combined contribute to a durable and stable experience.

Smart Features

Lastly, innovative features can greatly enhance your mobility accessory experience because they go a step further compared to more “normal” accessories.

Look for features that are both functional and complementary to the Maverick’s adventurous spirit, such as collapsible designs for convenient storage, UV-resistant coatings for durability, or integrated LED lighting for better visibility. 

These features should match the way you use your Can-Am Maverick.