Molle Panel and Accessories


What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick Molle Panels and Accessories?

Customizing Storage for Your Can-Am Maverick

The Can-Am Maverick is a legend because it looks great, drives great, and feels great. To enhance all three of these qualities while adding more cargo-carrying capacity, a set of MOLLE panels is recommended.

Firstly, pinpoint the types of items you need to stow while driving. For smaller essentials like navigational aids or emergency kits, MOLLE panel strips offer a compact and efficient storage solution. 

For bulkier gear such as camping equipment or extra provisions, larger MOLLE pouches, and bags are your go-to, providing enough space while keeping your Maverick clutter-free. 

For substantial items or heavy gear, opt for sturdy MOLLE plates and hooks, ensuring a stable and secure fit in your Maverick.

Make sure to double-check these each time you want to set for an adventure as that is going to allow you to make the most out of all of your stuff.

Weight Capacity

The choice of MOLLE panels for your Can-Am Maverick should be influenced by how much weight they can comfortably carry.

Panels with strong attachment points, typically made from robust materials like heavy-duty nylon, are ideal. Consider panels with extra reinforcement for carrying heavier loads. 

The panel you select should harmonize with the weight and size of your gear, maintaining efficiency and orderliness in your Maverick.

Ruggedness and Security

For the adventurous off-road monster like the Can-Am Maverick, selecting MOLLE panels that are built to last is not to be taken lightly.

Choose panels made from resilient materials like nylon or high-quality polyester, ensuring they can withstand rugged conditions. 

Aluminum panels offer unmatched durability. The strength of the stitching and attachment points is essential, guaranteeing that your gear stays secure, regardless of the terrain.

Aesthetic Considerations for the Maverick

MOLLE panels also contribute to the Maverick’s aesthetic because they give off a utilitarian and tactical vibe most off-roaders love. 

Select panels that enhance its adventurous and dynamic look, but try to follow a cohesive theme that won’t make your Maverick look like a street shop.

Colors like desert tan, black, army green, digital camo, or tactical grey, matching the Maverick’s style, are excellent choices, adding a touch of personality to its functional aspect.