Oil Change/Fluids/Filters

If you need some guidance regarding Can-Am Maverick X3 oil change intervals, or if you just want a solid Can-Am Maverick X3 oil change kit / Can-Am Maverick X3 transmission oil change, we can definitely assist you with that. Furthermore, we also offer Can-Am Maverick X3 air filters, Can-Am Maverick X3 oil filters, and a multitude of other Can-Am Maverick X3 fluids such as Can-Am Maverick X3 brake fluid, Can-Am Maverick X3 differential fluid, and Can-Am Maverick X3 gearbox fluid!

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It’s unfortunate, but routine maintenance for your Can-Am Maverick X3 is a necessary evil. Just like with your car or truck, it’s important that you never go too long without changing your oil, fluids, and filters. Regularly changing your oil, oil filters, transmission fluid, differential fluid, brake fluid, and air fluids is the key to superior riding performance and extending the life of your Can-Am Maverick X3. It may seem like a pain in the ass, but it’s the price you pay for top performance. One way to cut down on the cost of routine maintenance is to simply do it yourself. You can easily service your Can-Am Maverick’s oil, fluids, and filters yourself for half the price a mechanic would charge you.

Be it some 75/90 royal purple fluid for the differentials of your Maverick X3 XDS turbo, or some Mobil1 0-20 engine oil to lubricate and cool your Maverick X3 motor, we’ve got the oils, fluids, and filters you need to service your side-by-side here at Everything Can-Am Offroad. We have the rear differential and gear box fluid that comes in easy-to-use squeeze bags for a clean and simple pour, as well as measurement devices, pumps, and syringes to make the fluid insertion process easier. And while Can-Am oils are great, there’s nothing wrong with a little Amsoil Extreme for the differentials and gearbox, and Rotella T6 for the engine. We’ve seen Blackstone oil analysis results with 60% oil life left after 1000 miles with Rotella T6 oil, which is why so many Can-Am Maverick X3 owners use this particular brand of oil in their rigs. And as far as the transmission is concerned, 75/140 fluid is recommended. Whether you’re looking to get individual fluid jugs for each system separately, or a complete Can-Am Maverick X3 fluid change kit for an all-in-one servicing session, we have it all here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

BRP fluids for the Can-Am Maverick X3 aren’t necessarily superior to other oil and fluid brands. And depending on where you are, Can-Am-branded oils can be more expensive. So if you’re looking to save a few bucks without skimping on quality, Everything Can-Am Offroad is here with quality filters, oils, and fluids for every year and edition of the Can-Am Maverick. No matter if you own the X3, the XRC, or a turbo-edition Maverick, we’ve got the stuff you need for general maintenance and care. If you want Valvoline 75W-90 for the front differential and 75W-140 for the rear differential and transmission, we’ve got it. And because our oils and fluids are consistent with GL5 specs, you won’t have to worry about using inferior liquids in your side-by-side. Keep your rig in working order on the cheap with the oils, filters, and fluids from Everything Can-Am Offroad!

This is the reason we here at Everything Can-Am Offroad supply top of the line UTV oil, fluids, and filters for Can-Am Maverick X3 owners like yourself. We want to make maintaining your vehicle easier so you can get more enjoyment and use out of it. Need an oil change? The Can-Am Maverick X3 SXS Full Synthetic 5W-40 Oil Change Kit by Maxima is one of our most popular products. This UTV oil change kit comes with four liters of premium synthetic engine oil, one oil filter replacement, and two drain plug washers. Order this Can-Am Maverick X3 oil change kit to make changing your oil easier than ever before. Do you have turbo on your Can-Am Maverick X3? If so, you definitely want to install an oil catch can. When running boost, crank case pressure is created. Crank case pressure leads to more suction from the turbo which pulls oil into the intake tract. Installing an oil catch can such as the Can-Am Maverick X3 Oil Catch Can by Aftermarket Assassins eliminates the issue of oil being pulled into your intake tract so you can enjoy running your turbo without worry.

You may be good about regularly changing your Can-Am Maverick’s oil, but don’t forget to change your oil filters. It doesn’t matter how clean your oil is, if your oil filter is clogged then your Can-Am Maverick’s engine won’t get the proper flow of oil it needs. The aftermarket UTV oil filters we offer are designed to stop even the smallest contaminants from reaching your engine while still allowing for plenty of flow. Filters like the Can-Am Maverick X3 Replacement Oil Filter by K&N and Can-Am Maverick X3 Powersports Pro Oil Filters by ATV TEK truly do go above and beyond from your Can-Am Maverick’s stock oil filter. Order UTV oil filters now so your Can-Am Maverick’s engine will thank you later!

Air filters are another often neglected component of Can-Am Maverick X3 maintenance. Over time, your air filter develops a buildup and gets clogged with leaves, dirt, and sticks. This restricts the airflow your Can-Am Maverick’s engine needs to perform at its best. That’s why it’s not a matter of if you ever need to change your Can-Am Maverick’s air filter, but when. We’ve got plenty of good choices for your Can-Am Maverick’s next air filter. The Can-Am Maverick X3 Air Filters by K&N are great options. These UTV air filters are perfect for dusty terrains and are even washable so you can reuse them again and again. You’ll notice much greater airflow to your Can-Am Maverick’s engine after making the switch to aftermarket UTV air filters.

Other oils and fluids we offer for the Can-Am Maverick X3 include gear oil, transmission oil, cylinder lubricant, radiator fluid, and engine grease. The Can-Am Maverick X3 SXS Premium Transmission Oil 80W 1 Liter by Maxima is a must have if you want to protect and extend the life of your transmission. This transmission fluid is specially formulated to protect your Can-Am Maverick's transmission from rust, wear, foam, and corrosion. Another great product is the Can-Am Maverick Radiator Relief 16 oz Bottle by Design Engineering. This radiator fluid is designed to lower your Can-Am Maverick’s internal engine temperature by up to 30 degrees. This isn’t just great for your engine, but keeping internal temperatures low minimizes wear and tear on your entire vehicle. Stop procrastinating on routine maintenance for your Can-Am Maverick X3. Find all the UTV oil, fluids, and filters you need right here at Everything Can-Am Offroad.