Overlanding & Camping

If you’re doing a little camping with your Can-Am Maverick Trail, or embarking on an overland adventure in your Can-Am Maverick X3, don’t break ground before equipping your rig with the right Can-Am Maverick overlanding and camping accessories from Everything Can-Am Offroad! Whether it’s camp-locator whips to guide you back to basecamp at night, or communication equipment like Can-Am Maverick radios and intercoms to keep you connected with your crew at all times, procure the proper overlanding and camping accessories for any endeavor by shopping at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

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Even if you bought it exclusively for work, when the call of the wild grabs you, that Can-Am Maverick X3, Sport, or Trail will suddenly become your trusty survivalist companion. Just how far you can go and for how long is up to two things: your own wanderlust and how well-kitted your trusty UTV is for the journey. When you’ve decided to finally take a little time for yourself, even if you’ve just picked out a random heading (or a spot on a map), we’ll be here to provide you with all the Can-Am Maverick X3 camping and overlanding equipment you need. The idea behind this product category is simple - establishing a comprehensive suite of portable, durable and practical Can-Am Maverick Sport camping and overlanding accessories - but the execution was much tougher. That’s because only the most highly rated, competitively priced selections from the best brands make our cut. Furthermore, we had to make sure to accommodate all kinds of adventurers, from old-school woodsmen to those who prefer more modern amenities. There’s no wrong answer if you just follow exactly what you want to do, so come on in and check out these awesome Can-Am Maverick Trail camping and overlanding accessories!

As part of our constant commitment to bring you the perfect combination of safety, durability, and practicality in this product category, we combed through dozens of brands and hundreds of products until we came upon the finalists. Though it’s still growing, this category now offers a range of space-conscious products that help you cover your basic needs in even the most remote areas, including protection from harsh weather, cooking and eating, navigation, communication, and more. To start with one of the most trusted essentials among all Can-Am Maverick X3, Trail, and Sport campers, our Garmin Overlander by Rugged Radios was made exactly for your journey. Garmin knows you’re not dropping little Timmy off at soccer practice in this case, which is why they’ve enabled their cutting-edge GPS system to establish and locate points of interest even when out of cell range. Of course, this game-changing feature is layered on top of Garmin’s precise turn-by-turn navigation functionality. Of course, getting there is only half the battle (or more, if you only stop to sleep), so once you’ve found the perfect spot, you will want to have at least a basic tool kit available to keep you fed and protected at the minimum.

This is where the Can-Am Maverick X3 MAX and Sport MAX Tactical Off-Road Overlander comes in. Hi-Standard Outfitters has lived up to their name with this product especially, which provides a 60” x 80” completely enclosed sleeping area for the bug-averse explorer (hey, we get it). The DOT-approved, highway towable camper hooks up to your UTV in no time, and comes with everything you need for easy installation and removal, conversion from table to bed, and more. And if you’re worried about spoiling yourself or your kids with the Cadillac of campers, we find that this particular unit strikes a great balance between a bit of pampering and the rough outdoors. It’s not so huge or filled with gimmicks that you feel distanced from nature - especially if you pop the door open when relaxing during the day. For some, this could make the difference between bringing loved ones along on your Can-Am Maverick camping and overlanding trip and leaving them at home.

We’ll end our sampling of one of our favorite aftermarket accessory categories on a festive note - food and fire. There’s no need to add “backyard fire pit” to your list of things to be homesick about when you’re on the dusty trail, because thanks to our collapsible fire pits, you can bring the fire with you! Stay warm, regale your fellow travelers with stories from your less responsible years, and perhaps most importantly, ditch the cold cuts and make some real food. After all, we’re adventurers - not cavemen (though they did have the right idea with the fire thing). On a more serious note, we just want to remind you of the importance of staying safe out there. Whether that means finding a Bluetooth-capable camp locator light, a comms and/or navigation system, or whatever else you need, we want all of our Can-Am Maverick riders to come home safely. Have fun, be well, and watch out for rogue branches!