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Prop Shafts

Does your machine’s drive shaft rattle like crazy when you’re tooling down the trail? Did you get high-centered while rock crawling and bend, break, or completely grenade your Can-Am Maverick drive shaft? Whatever issues you may be having with your Maverick’s drive shaft, we have a solution. It doesn’t matter if you need yokes, an aftermarket or OEM shaft, or an entire Can-am drive shaft assembly, at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got it all — from front drive shafts to rear drive shafts and everything in between. But in the UTV world, not all prop shafts are created equal. Unlike the OEM drive shafts found in the Can-am Maverick, many aftermarket driveshafts by companies like SuperATV are built to a thicker design specification, meaning that they are burlier, stronger, and more durable. But whatever drive shaft you’re running in your Can-am Maverick, make sure to keep that puppy greased. Your splines will wear over time, but if you neglect to grease your prop shaft, the rate of degradation will be much quicker.

When replacing the rear drive shaft in your Can-am Maverick, depending on the year, you may be able to get the old drive shaft out without pulling all the skid plates or gas tank — but you’ll still have to slide the tank over and use a short wrench to put the bolt back on. The easiest way to replace the rear drive shaft on a Maverick, however, is to unbolt the rear differential and slide it back then take out the gas tank. If you’re struggling to break the rear bold loose, we’d suggest using a 1/2" ratchet wrench, using the second wrench trick for extra leverage — the nut most likely has Loctite on it. You might even need to put a bit of heat on the head of the bolt to soften the Loctite. Once your machine is opened up, you can grease the shaft, replace the yokes that go into the splines, or throw in a whole new drive shaft kit. You might want to check the U-joints as well, and if they’re looking spend, you may as well replace them while you’re in there. Whatever you’re drive shaft needs may be, we here at Everything Can-Am Offroad Have you covered!

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