Roof Racks

Amazing Can-Am Maverick roof racks don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, nor do high-grade Can-Am Maverick roof baskets, Can-Am Maverick luggage racks, or Can-Am Maverick safari racks. Be it to haul boats, camping supplies, or spare parts, you can do it all without breaking the bank with a Can-Am Maverick roof rack from Everything Can-Am Offroad!

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For both Can-Am Maverick roof racks as well as Can-Am Maverick roof rack accessories, there’s but one place for quality products at affordable prices: Everything Can-Am Offroad! We carry Can-Am Maverick X3 roof racks, Can-Am Maverick Trail roof racks, Can-Am Maverick Max roof racks, and roof racks for every other year and edition of the Can-Am Maverick! No matter which Maverick model you own and regardless of the intended use, you’re sure to find the perfect Can-Am Maverick roof rack for any occasion here at Everything Can-Am Offroad. And with Can-Am Maverick 2-seater roof racks as well as Can-Am Maverick 4-seater roof racks from leading off-road brands like AFX Motorsports, Prinsu, and Side By Customs, you know that the roof racks, luggage racks, and headache racks from Everything Can-Am Offroad are the cream of the crop! So browse our selection and don’t hesitate to treat yourself with a Can-Am Maverick roof rack from Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Any adventure, big or small, requires at least a minimal amount of supplies. And although accessories like hitch-mounted cargo baskets, under-seat storage boxes, and bed / tailgate extenders are great for small pieces of gear and equipment, larger items will require something different… something like a Can-Am Maverick roof rack! That being said, however, not all Can-Am Maverick roof racks are optimal for every situation. Some riders might require a heavy-duty steel roof rack capable of supporting hundreds of pounds, while others might be better off with a streamlined low-profile roof rack that only extends a few inches above the roof itself. Trail riders, for example, usually go for low-profile Can-Am Maverick roof racks to avoid tree branches, while campers, hunters, and overland marathon riders typically go with large Can-Am Maverick roof baskets to maximize the cargo capacity of their machines. Whichever route you decide to take, though, we’ve got the products to support your decision here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Any Can-Am Maverick roof rack worthy of serious consideration should be powder coated, electroplated, or treated with specialized paints to combat both abrasion and corrosion. This is particularly important for riders who live in humid areas near the sea, but road salts in colder climates can also exacerbate oxidation. If aesthetics are something you care about, you can find Can-Am Maverick roof racks in a variety of colors to match the style of your machine. But if functionality is your only concern, some of the best and strongest Can-Am Maverick roof racks come exclusively in black. Irrespective of your preferences, we’ll hook you up with a roof rack to match them here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Some roof racks for the Can-Am Maverick attach to the vehicle’s roll cage via metal tabs and clamps, while others mount directly to the roof via bolts or brackets. This is important as the mounting mechanism is the primary determiner of the rack’s weight capacity. If you intend to haul lightweight items such as extra clothes, sleeping bags, and tents on your Can-Am Maverick roof rack, you may not require the strongest UTV rack known to man. If, however, you’re going to load spare parts, extra fuel, and heavy tools on your Can-Am Maverick roof rack, you’ll likely want a product that can handle the extra weight. And although the ability to support load forces in the downward direction is important, a good Can-Am Maverick roof rack should also be capable of withstanding forces in the upward and side-to-side directions as well. You might only need compression strength on the trail, but when transporting your machine on a trailer or truck bed at highway speeds, it’s good to have a roof rack that won’t blow off due to high wind speeds!

From desert-style Can-Am Maverick safari racks to minimalistic Can-Am Maverick roof rails designed for forest and woodland riding, you’ll never struggle to find the right roof rack for your needs when shopping at Everything Can-Am Offroad. Our steel roof racks are incredibly strong and sturdy, while our lightweight aluminum roof racks are great for riders who are concerned about being too topheavy. We carry Can-Am Maverick roof racks that are compatible with factory roofs, as well as Can-Am Maverick roof racks that will work with either stock roofs or aftermarket roofs. Be it for hunting, camping, fishing, or choring, you’ll get everything you require from a Can-Am Maverick roof rack from Everything Can-Am Offroad. So don’t delay any longer and equip your rig with a Can-Am Maverick roof rack from Everything Can-Am Offroad ASAP!