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Street Legal

In countries like New Zealand, farming laws exist that make side-by-sides like the Can-Am Maverick legal on the streets. However, without the proper street legal UTV accessories, even in places with such relaxed regulations, you still might be limited with regards to how fast you can drive and how far away from your house you're allowed to ride. In places like New York, you are allowed to ride UTVs on the street, so long as they're 1000lbs or under -- which is a bit too light for some side-by-sides like the Can-Am Maverick. Still in other countries, you can chuck blinkers on your Can-Am Maverick, throw on a few mirrors, install road tires, and register it as a car, allowing you to drive it like any old automobile. In rural areas, as long as you're not being stupid, most cops won't say anything if you're riding a UTV on sparsely populated roads. But with the sky-high cost of fines for unregistered vehicles, it's definitely worth not risking it -- especially if you ride out-of-state or in areas where you're a stranger.

Some Maverick owners want the bare minimum to get their rigs street legal. But accessories like mirrors, horns, and blinkers are requirements for a reason. They do serve a purpose, and will help you out both on-road and off-road. When going around tight corners on busy trails, for instance, a quick honk of the horn can notify oncoming riders of your presence, thereby helping you avoid a head-on collision. Mirrors may be required by law for street-legal riding, but they will also save your neck from having to constantly be twisting and contorting to see what's going on in the rear. Blinkers, too, have off-road applications for signaling to your friends or other riders behind you to slow down or prepare to turn. If you want to make your Can-Am Maverick street legal, such assessors are non-negotiable. But even if you mostly trail ride, they may still prove beneficial yet.

1 - 36 of 59 products

1 - 36 of 59 products