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Maverick X3


Whether you use a flatbed trailer to haul your Can-Am Maverick X3, an enclosed trailer to transport your Maverick Sport XXC, or an in-bed side-by-side deck to move your Maverick Turbo XMR from point A to point B, we’ve got the Can-Am Maverick tie-downs and trailering accessories to bring both safety and security to your UTV-carrying setup. E-Track mounting rails are a great accessory to install on any trailer used to haul UTVs. They fasten to the floor of the trailer, and include tie-down anchors that can be connected to anything from wheel bonnets and ropes to chains and ratchet straps. Some riders prefer using Can-Am Maverick wheel straps to give the vehicle’s suspension unfettered mobility, while others choose to compress their bike’s shocks during transit to reduce wear. But regardless of whether you’re trailering your UTV for a quick jaunt at the local OHV park, or conducting a multi-state riding expedition that entails hundreds of highway miles, don’t let anything happen to your bike while it’s atop your trailer by using the strong, durable, and reliable Can-Am Maverick tie-downs and trailering accessories from Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Using tie-downs, chocks, and wheel bonnets will prevent your Maverick from shifting around and falling off the trailer, but to nip on-trailer damage in the bud before it even occurs, it is prudent to use a quality Can-Am Maverick trailering cover. Not only do trailering covers protect the vehicle’s windshield from pebble projectiles, but they also keep corrosive road salts off of your machine. In addition to on-road trailering accessories, at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we provide off-road trailering accessories for the Can-Am Maverick as well. Need some tie-down anchors to help keep your cooler in place? Or how about some trailering accessories for the tow-behind utility trailer you use to pack the cargo that you can’t squeeze into your Maverick? Take the necessary precautions to avoid both small losses and complete catastrophe by equipping yourself with quality Can-Am Maverick tie-downs and trailering accessories! 

25 products

25 products