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When studded tires just aren’t cutting it, you might consider upgrading your machine with a set of UTV tracks. With a pair of tracks on your Can-Am Maverick, you’ll be unstoppable. Come sand or snow, you’ll have what it takes to power through the toughest of terrain. Camplast tracks, Kimpex tracks, and Apache tracks; we’ve got the best Can-Am Maverick track systems for all 4 seasons, mud, sand, snow, rocks, sandy terrain. The T4 track system comes highly recommended and are dang near the lightest UTV tracks you can find for the Maverick. And because they are better on your Side by Side’s clutching and belts, you won’t have to worry about belt wear and / or power loss. And if you use your rig to plow snow, equipping it with a Can-am Maverick track system will make plowing faster, easier, and more efficient. But if you’re looking to ride a tracked out Maverick on public snowmobile trails, there are a few factors you should consider. First of all, running tracks on your Maverick will increase it’s with — making it wider than the gates on many trails and access points. The Can-am Maverick is about about 4” wider per side with the Camoplast track setup, and has a higher stance as well. This is especially important for riders with enclosed trailers, which might not fit a tracked out Maverick. Second of all depending on where you live, you may or may not be able to legally ride a Side by Side on specific ORV or OHV trails in the winter. In Minnesota you may be able to if you have tracks and front skis, but in other areas like Michigan, the definition of a snowmobile is very specific: requiring only one continuous belt. So technically, even Raider Style snowmobiles are illegal if they have the double track. We’d suggest to find out who owns / maintains the snowmobile trails and check local regulations.

In addition to better traction, another great thing about tracks for the Can-am Maverick is that they require hardly any maintenance. Stick em’ on and you’re good to go. And if you bought them used or lost the instructions, your local Can-Am dealer can print you instructions to put it together on Boss Web. They’ll need the track kit part number, but as long as it’s Can-Am-made, they will have instructions for it. And if you’re worried about the air intakes of your maverick sucking in snow, you shouldn’t have any problems there. If the snow does affect your belt or any other system, you can always run a snorkel kit to fix the problem. No matter what kind of Side by Side tracks you’re after, at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got them.

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