Windshield Wipers

Introducing our specialized Can-Am Maverick Windshield Wipers collection– where each part is crafted for peak performance. Our range includes high-torque wiper motors for swift action, adaptable wiper arms for complete windshield coverage, and resilient blades that leave no streaks behind. The advanced linkages we use ensure a seamless glide across your windshield, providing a pristine view in diverse conditions. Designed specifically for the Maverick, these wipers are built to handle everything from light rain to heavy dust. Their installation promises not just improved visibility but also an enhancement to your Maverick's overall functionality. Experience the difference with our Maverick windshield wipers – your key to clear vision on every trail.

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick Windshield Wipers?

Manual vs. Automated Wipers

For starters, manual wipers are ideal for sporadic use since they're easy to install and perfect for users who frequently remove their windshields and simply want something simple.

Automatic wipers are best for consistent use in heavy rain or muddy conditions. Plus, if you own a car and never take your windshield off, these are the ones to get.

They provide a hassle-free, hands-off experience, crucial for maintaining visibility, but they do cost more and are more difficult to install onto your Can-Am Maverick.

Material Quality and Longevity

You should look for durable materials like marine-grade steel or high-quality rubber to withstand extreme conditions and UV damage that are likely to come with a Can-Am Maverick lifestyle.

Ensure the wiper arms are robust enough to handle heavy rainfall or snow and that all the little parts are made out of durable materials as well.

Only that way you can ensure your windshield wipers are going to last as long as possible.

Wiper Blade Sizing and Motor Strenght

Make sure the blades are correctly sized to your Maverick's windshield for effective cleaning and visibility. 

This is particularly important for full or specialty windshields while half and folding windshields will likely require something custom.

For automatic wipers, a strong motor is key, especially for challenging conditions. Adjustable speed settings offer customization for different weather scenarios.

Maintenance and Replacement Parts

Easy replacement and availability of parts like blades or motors are also crucial for windshield wiper upkeep.

This ensures minimal downtime and keeps your Can-Am Maverick ready for action and with a clear windshield for many years to come.

Additional Features

Consider windshield wipers with integrated washer systems for effective cleaning of settled mud or grime, especially if you are the type of person who only rarely drives.

Low noise levels can also enhance the driving experience since sound isolation isn’t really the main focus of the Can-Am Maverick.

Choosing the right wipers for your Can-Am Maverick ensures clear visibility, safety, and an improved driving experience, regardless of weather conditions.