Hand Controls

The ergonomics of a Can-Am Maverick cockpit are designed for able-bodied folk... but even if you're not able-bodied, you don't have to be excluded from Club Maverick! With the Can-Am Maverick hand controls, the Can-Am Maverick MAX hand controls, and the Can-Am Maverick X3 hand controls available from Everything Can-Am Offroad, riders with full or partial disabilities can rip it up behind the wheel in a manner that is safe, comfortable, and convenient! The brake and gas hand controls we sell for the Can-Am Maverick are perfect for those with paraplegia, while our steering-wheel-gripping accessories such as spinner knobs, palm grips, and amputee attachments can make manning the wheel much easier!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick Hand Controls?

Types of Can-Am Maverick Hand Controls

The choice of hand controls should be aligned with your driving preferences, physical requirements, and the environments you typically navigate in your Can-Am Maverick.

Palm Grips

Best for long rides and chilled cruising, these grips offer comfort and help in reducing fatigue, particularly beneficial for those experiencing hand discomfort.

Tri-Pin Grips

These are excellent for tough conditions, ensuring a strong hold even in wet or muddy settings. Consider these for your Maverick if you do lots of snow-moving off-roading.

Single-Pin Grips

Their simplistic design is perfect for swift maneuvers, making them a practical choice for those who want something simple that will be more than good enough for most environments.

V Grips

Recognized for their ergonomic design, these grips provide additional support and leverage, ideal for drivers looking for different steering options. Some deem these the most comfortable while others deem them quite the opposite.

Durability of Hand Controls

Opt for Can-Am Maverick hand controls constructed with robust materials such as resilient metals and high-grade plastics. These ensure durability and consistent functionality across multiple environments.

Materials like aluminum and flexible rubbers are preferred for their longevity and comfort. For extra durability, especially in harsh conditions, look for anti-corrosion properties and special coatings.

Make sure that the controls have strong mounting systems and sturdy fasteners to endure intensive use.

Installation and Design Focused on the User

Select Can-Am Maverick hand controls that are straightforward to install and adjust, preferably accompanied by clear guidelines or video tutorials.

Look for options with adjustable features or modular designs that can accommodate various hand sizes and grip preferences, thereby enhancing your control and comfort in the Can-Am Maverick.

Advanced Features and Ergonomics

It’s by far the best to consider hand controls that offer added functionalities like tactile feedback, heat resistance, or vibration reduction. 

These advanced features can significantly improve comfort, particularly on lengthy journeys or challenging terrains where precision and agility are crucial.

Adjustable hand controls that allow you to alter angles, heights, or positions can also enhance ergonomics, lessen physical strain, and customize your driving experience in the Can-Am Maverick to your specific needs.