HMF Racing

Established in Cleveland, Ohio in 1997, HFM Racing was established by a person who made the first invention from his garage where he built a motor exhaust. His interest and innovative ideas lead him to start the company on a small scale with their friends. After a huge success; they started manufacturing UTV items for the Can-Am-Commander and others on a large scale. Their passion and enthusiasm help them to build such a marvelous company, which is offering excellent aftermarket accessories.

At the starting, they manufactured UTV products at a small scale with affordable price, but due to the increase in demand, the company developed a platform to make aftermarket accessories on a large scale. Their partnership boosted sales, and they become dominant in the Side by Side community within very few years. Their accessories get equal fame among the riders, travelers, and adventure lovers and especially in those who have a tight budget.

HFM Racing started in a garage with very few facilities, but the dedication, commitment, and hardworking of the team made this company a leading manufacturer of aftermarket accessories of the Can-Am-Commander. Their vision is to fuel the passion of UTV owners around the world by delivering innovative and high-quality experiences that enrich their lives.

HMF Racing never a commitment to the quality and that is the reason the quality of their products has never fallen. They fought hard and to build and to earn in the aftermarket industry. The company always give preference to their relationship with customers, and to serve the customers is their priority. HFM Racing is a one-stop shop for all the things of UTV, and they’ve got an enormous variety of products. Before the launch of any accessory in the market, they thoroughly test with great care. The thing which differentiates the HFM Racing from others is that they never sacrifice quality in any Can-Am-Commander product!

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