Nelson Rigg

Nelson Rigg is known across the globe for its soft and luggage packaging products. Nelson Rigg is the name that is heard when you search for the camping and long travel accessories to make your packaging comfortable and compatible. Nelson Rigg offers a wide range of high-quality storage bags, mountable coolers, door bags and soft tops of UTVs like your can-am commander. All of its soft luggage bags are made from 1680 trimax ballistic nylon along with user-friendly accessories like knee pads, pockets, hydration system, and mountable coolers. It’s each product is designed especially to fit all the types of UTVs either 2 or 4 seaters. In other words, you can say that its products possess universal fit quality.

Nelson Rigg has the specified brand known as Rig gear that ensures the quality of the products that you use for your Can-Am Commander. Moreover, Nelson Rigg promises the life warranty of its products because they are made with innovative Ultramax durable polyester material. Nelson rig produces the highest UV rated cover in the market. Its products are reliable because of the 100% waterproof quality that includes heat taped seams. Nelson Rigg produces such features that are the best solution for the traveling/camping problems while you are on your can-am commander. It features the exclusive perma-venting system that makes sure the minimization of condensation and hence allows the air to circulate.

Nelson Rigg is the most suitable because it keeps in view all the features to ease your outing just like the large driver side zipper entry to access your Can-Am Commander when it is covered. Mostly its packaging comes in the free compression bag to fit the compact storage with accessibility. Its products have snug elastic hem to secure the covering of your Can-Am Commander. Means your entire camping headache is taken by Nelson Rigg.

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