Strong Made

Strong Made Inc. was established in 1994 and have grown to become one of the best companies in the business of producing UTV accessory parts. They are also called Savant Manufacturing Inc. The organization was founded Kevin Servant who was already an upcoming prodigy by the time he was 14, when he made his own four-wheeler rack using homemade tools and scrap metal. In the years to come, he grew into a successful business man as a result of market demand for his creations. With world-class staffs (customer service and production) and industry-level production methods, he took the corporation large scale. Not only are the customers getting quality, they are getting it at the fastest time possible. This is made possible by the wise decision of the company to collaborate with different distributors for their UTV accessories.

Strong Made is a company that focuses its production on Side x Side like rears and front racks, sick-shifts and floor racks, amidst others. However, their production reaches far beyond the realm of Side x Side parts. One of their recent creations that’s also quite interesting is the powder coated paint system. This user-friendly invention makes use of an automated system to wash and clean various UTV parts before it’s paint-coated. You can expect the ride to look even fancier after this is done.

The company is known for generating detailed analysis of the market before releasing a product. This ensures that the product is he best version of it’s kind, particularly pre-existing ones.

The innovative and hard-working spirit of the staff at Servant Manufacturing Inc. is an indication of the company’s dedication towards providing real-life solutions to concerns that ride-enthusiast face. It’s always expected of the organization to introduce products with interesting features and premium quality as compared o their numerous competitors.

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