Clutches and Clutch Kits

At Everything Can-Am Offroad, we are dedicated to providing you with the best Can-Am Commander clutching components and upgrades to improve your rig. Our collection includes Can-Am Commander clutch kits and Can-Am Commander clutch tools that enhance torque and increase engagements speed. Additionally, we offer Can-Am Commander clutch pullers that allow for easy removal and repair of your vehicle's clutch parts. Our aftermarket Can-Am Commander clutch covers protect your clutch components to prevent future damage, while our Can-Am Commander clutch rebuild kits help you avoid a full Can-Am Commander clutch replacement. Trust us to provide you with everything you need to keep your Can-Am Commander running smoothly and efficiently.

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An aftermarket clutch for your UTV can be a major upgrade based on the brand that you choose for your Can-Am Commander. Your clutch, and the clutch kit that you choose, can seriously increase the performance of your UTV and also sharpen gear engagement while preventing power loss. This is especially pertinent to riders with larger aftermarket tires, which require more torque to turn and different settings than the stock configuration. You can get clutch kits, replacement parts, and even clutch cover screws at Everything Can-Am Offroad. These parts are built for life on the trail and are manufactured by leaders of the UTV industry such as SuperATV and Quad Logic, two brands that are carried proudly by Everything Can-Am Offroad.

Other Can-am Commander clutch brands that are popular are STI and their Rage 6 clutch as well as Dalton and their DBM 1000 clutch. The time and energy that these brands have put into the excellence that is associated with the UTV aftermarket accessories that they make means that when you add a clutch kit to your Can-Am Commander from these brands, you are investing in an upgrade that will definitely take the level of performance that you are accustomed to from your machine up several notches. Some of the lower-end aftermarket Can-Am Commander clutches may not be as noticeable as, say, the QSC STM set-up, but for the cost of the clutch kit you will surely be better off than you would be with a stock clutch.

But even with a primary clutch kit, you may still want to replace the spring on the secondary clutch as well. The DPSS-B/V secondary spring comes highly recommended, giving riders better out-of-the-hole performance and giving back power lost with the installation of larger tires. Put down rubber on the street, get better engagement, and reduce the need to change your clutch belt all the time with an aftermarket UTV clutch upgrade from Everything Can-Am Offroad. As Side by Side owners ourselves, we know how important your Can-Am Commander is to you. That is why we aim to provide not only the best brands in the industry, but to provide access for our customers to a variety of the best brands as well as the relevant information they need so that when a purchase is made for their Can-Am Commander, they can safely say that they made the best and most informed choice for their UTV.

The Can-Am Commander 1000 Outlaw Clutch Kit by High Lifter, 1000 Oversized Tires With Adjustable Clutch Kits by Dalton, and even a Cobra Cooler Belt Cooling System by Assault Industries all deliver on performance and will definitely be the kits and system that will make a marked difference in the driving experience that you will get out of your Commander or Commander MAX. Choosing the right clutch kit can be tricky as there are many floating around the UTV aftermarket parts industry, but, you will be happy to know that since we only choose to carry the best parts available for your ride we can say that you will be satisfied by the performance and life of the kits that you find here. Take the time to peruse and trust that they have all been through the mill when it comes to testing for quality. These are the kits that you want to add to your UTV. The brands that you see are trusted by riders not just here but around the globe that are both amateurs, recreational riders, and professional racers. Do not compromise on the quality of any part, kit or system when it comes to your Side by Side, it can only perform as well as the parts that you choose for it.

Upgrading to a better clutch kit is a smart decision especially if you have a lifted vehicle or your rock larger tires. The performance of your UTV can suffer if changes aren’t made but you can combat delayed response time and power loss with clutches and clutch kits from Everything Can-Am Offroad. Your Can-Am Commander will experience a faster backshift for better throttle response, reduced overheating and less belt slippage and a better transfer of power to your tires. We supply Outlaw Clutch Kits for your Can-Am Commander or Outlaw Super-Duty Extreme Clutch Kits for your Can-Am Commander MAX. Whether you stick to the trails or you’re taking on the stickiest mud pits, your acceleration doesn’t have to suffer. Keep up with the fastest riders and the most powerful machines without spending a fortune. Get clutches and clutch kits for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.