2 & 4 Person Systems

Whether you have the two-seat Can-Am Commander or the four-seat edition, we’ve got the right 2 or 4 person UTV communication system for you and your passengers. Using Can-Am commander intercoms makes it easy to plan your routes, decide whether or not to take a pit stop, or simply talk about life when your tearing it up in your Commander. Using push-to-talk buttons can simplify your 2- or 4- person communication system, but they’re not in full-duplex systems where every party can talk simultaneously. Things like headsets with both headphones and microphones or in-helmet communication devices can also be paired with a 2 or 4 person Can-Am communication system, but most kits come with all the compatible hardware for easy plug-and-play use. Add a mounting bracket for your 2-person or 4-person system as well as headphone hangers and other communication accessories and you’ll be hiring the trail ready to discuss every detail of the rid. And these communication systems do more than allow you to talk with each other. They also allow you to feed your favorite jams to your headset or speakers, giving your rides their very own theme songs.

No matter what you’re looking for in a 2 or 4 person system, we’ve got you covered here at Everything Can-Am Offroad. We have headsets with built-in devices that allow for rider-to-passenger communication without the need for an intercom or radio. We have 4-person systems that you can use in conjunction with other devices such as a radio for UTV-to-UTV connectivity. Be it a system that uses bluetooth or a wired system transmitting on the “very high frequency” band of the electromagnetic spectrum, we’ve got it all and then some. So if you’re engine is too loud and you’re tired of screaming over it, or you’re sone in the vehicle ahead is a speed daemon and you need to tell him to turn a quarter mile up ahead, adding a 2- or 4-person communication system to your Can-Am Commander will keep you, your friends, and your family interconnected.

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