2 & 4 Person Systems

We offer an exceptional selection of 2 and 4 person UTV communication systems for both the two-seat and four-seat Can-Am Commander. Stay connected with your passengers for planning routes, deciding pit stops, and simply chatting about life while tearing it up in your Commander. Our products include push-to-talk buttons, headsets, microphones, and in-helmet communication devices. Most kits are plug-and-play compatible, and we offer mounting brackets, headphone hangers, and other communication accessories for maximum convenience. Our communication systems offer more than just talking capabilities- they also feature the ability to feed your favorite music to your headset or speakers. Our headsets come with built-in devices for rider-to-passenger communication, and 4-person systems can be used with radios for UTV-to-UTV connectivity. Whether you prefer a bluetooth or wired system, we've got you covered. Keep yourself, your friends, and your family interconnected with a 2- or 4-person communication system for your Can-Am Commander.

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