Complete Kits with Radio

Everything Can-Am Offroad offers complete UTV communication kits equipped with radios to upgrade your Can-Am Commander. Whether you are using it for work, play or leisure, a communication radio kit can enhance your experience. Stay connected with your buddies at base camp or racing team on long-distance Offroad races or rallies. Use a complete Commander communication radio kit for search and rescue missions, to organize and supervise your workforce during working hours, or on day trips with your friends. We offer VHF radios that transmit on frequencies from 30 to 300 megahertz, UHF radios that transmit on the decimeter band (300 megahertz to 3 gigahertz), or dual-band radios that can send signals in both ranges. Additionally, we provide headsets with microphone booms, mounting brackets, wiring, etc. Our complete communication kits for the Can-Am Commander come fully equipped with everything you need to get up and running. The kits take only an hour to get your vehicle ready, and are perfect for communicating with your crew or bringing along for emergency situations.

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