Earbuds and Helmet Speakers

Sure a bumping Can-Am audio system can be fun. But whether its a system by Trailstar Audio, Wetsounds, or Mayhem Manufacturing, when you’re wearing a full-face helmet, none can compete with a quality set of earbuds or helmet speakers. With some earbuds or helmet speakers, you can jam out in your Can-Am Commander without ruining the quiet for the outside world. Furthermore, because of distance alone, earbuds and helmets speakers are far better at transmitting sound over the noise of your machine’s engine and exhaust. Add noise-canceling functionality and the scale begins to tip. Factor in cost and the choice becomes a no-brainer. For high quality sound that won’t disturb others and won’t get overpowered by the sound of your Commander, earbuds and helmet speakers are the undisputed best option. You can sync them to your phone or MP3 player, or connect them to a UTV intercom so the whole family can join the sound party. And this brings up an important area where earbuds and helmets speakers are again superior to traditional speakers, sub woofers, and amplifiers: UTV communication.

Whether you’re using earbuds connected to a Can-Am Commander intercom to discuss plans with your passengers, or helmet speakers and a mic connected via bluetooth to a side-by-side radio so you can talk trash to your idiot friend miles back in his Polaris, earbuds and helmets speakers are key for any type of UTV communication. Sure headsets can work, but if your smart and wear a helmet when you ride, headsets obviously don’t work. Attach your helmets speakers to any UTV, MX, or other Offroad-style helmet. Get the standard foam earbuds, or custom mold your UTV communication earbuds to the exact shape of your ears. For ultimate comfort, clarity, and interconnectivity, look no further than a set of earbuds or helmet speakers from Everything Can-Am Offroad.

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