Helmet Kits

We know that Can-Am Commanders demand a fair bit of capital. And for those looking at helmets with built-in communication systems, sticker shock might set in when you see the price. Plus, if you already have a helmet laying around, it might seem wasteful to buy a completely new one just for communication capabilities. For this reason, we are proud to offer helmet kits to convert ordinary brain buckets into centralized communication and audio hubs. Whether you’re sporting a modular HJC snow helmet, a 509 Delta R3, a Fly Racing MX Helmet, or even a Pro-Tec skate helmet, we’ve got the audio helmet kits to turn any style of helmet into an audio / communication helmet. With top-tier helmet audio kits from the best firms in the business such as Chatterbox and Rugged Radios, we’re sure to have an audio helmet kit to meet both your needs and your yearly UTV earmark. For those who don’t need anything fancy and just want to blast music when they ride, helmet ear pods make a great option. But if you want to sync your helmet kit to your other communication devices, a kit with speakers / earbuds as well as a microphone is required.

Quality performance and crisp sound quality are important features that a UTV helmet audio kit must have. But things like voice-activated microphones, bluetooth connectivity, and battery life are also important. Above all, however, a Can-Am Commander helmet audio system must be comfortable. Traditional headphones and shoulder mounted mics can work just fine for some, but they tent to put unwanted presser on the ears and create other uncomfortable side effects for the wearer. So whether you use your helmet audio kit for racing in your Can-Am Commander or just want to be able to talk on your UTV intercom without having to take your helmet off, the communication helmet kits from Everything Can-Am Offroad are sure to please even the most finicky of side-by-side riders.

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