Stay safe and stay connected with a bluetooth communication helmet to use while riding your Can-Am Commander. Power-sport communication companies like Rugged Radios and PCI Racing make great DOT approved helmets with built-in communication features. Helmets with built-in speakers and microphones are a great option for both racers and recreational riders alike. You can communicate flawlessly with your team during a racing competition, or connect your helmet to an intercom to communicate with your passengers without the need to lift your face shield. Pair them with a UTV radio and you can even talk to your friends or family members in the bike a mile back. You don’t have to sacrifice safety to be able to communicate. With a communication helmet from Everything Can-Am Offroad, your brain bucket can interface with anything from MP3 players to two-way radios. And where comfort is concerned, no other in-helmet audio setups can compare.

Where DOT ratings don’t cut it, many of the bluetooth helmets we offer are SA rated for special applications. With features such as fire-retardant lining and high-impact resistance, SA rated helmets with built-in audio equipment are hard to find — but we’ve got em’. We also offer half-shell style helmets with an open face design that is compatible with behind-the-head headsets. These are perfect for riders who don’t want to go full-blown full-face, but still want to guard their cranium and use a headset for music and / or communication. We even have helmet comm systems with voice activated mics so the only finger you’ll have to lift after telling your buddy to back off is your middle one. Regardless of what you’re going to use it for, the communication helmets with built-in audio equipment we offer here at Everything Can-Am Offroad can do it all. Get one for yourself, your wife, and your kids to stay safe, stay interconnected, and never miss a syllable!

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