Mounting Solutions

If you’re on the hunt for the best brackets, fixtures, and other mounting solutions for electronics in the Can-Am Commander, your search ends today. Here at Everything Can-Am Commander, we understand that your gadgets are only as good as the equipment they’re mounted with. If your push-to-talk button is out of reach, what good will it do? If your GPS unit gets jostled over rough terrain in a way that puts the screen out of eyeshot, you’ll be constantly distracted by the need to adjust it. Do it right the first time with a solid mounting solution for your Commander electronics. Be it communication equipment, navigation equipment, or recreation equipment, we’ve got mounts for that. Headset hangers, for example, are a great way to keep your communication headsets untangled and out of the way. And while we’re on the subject of communication systems, no intercom or radio will last if you simply throw it on the dash, floorboards, or passenger seat. It doesn’t matter if you mount your radio or intercom on the roll cage above the windshield or inside the dash, we’ve got the mounting solutions for you.

Many Commander riders like to document their rides with video footage, which is why we offer the best mounting solutions for cameras. We have GoPro mounts to attach your action cam to your helmet, windshield, or even the exterior of your machine on the roof, mirror, or hood. And while we’re on the subject of exterior Can-Am Commander mounts, we also offer all sorts of antenna mounts to extend the reach of your communication devices. From c-clamps and suction cups to bolt-on and articulating dash mounts, we’ve got the frames, stands, fixtures and supports to let you mount any device anywhere in your Can-Am Commander.

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