Push-to-Talk (PTT)

Push then talk, it can’t get simpler than that when communicating in a side-by-side. This is why many Can-Am Commander owners run communication systems with push-to-talk functionality. Many UTV intercoms, radio kits, and other communication devices come with PTT buttons built in. However even if yours did not, chances are you can install one with relative ease. So whether you’re looking to add a PTT button to your existing communication system, repair or replace your existing PTT button, or get a UTV communication system that includes a push-to-talk button, at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got everything to fulfill your push-to-talk needs. Clip your PTT button onto your collar, belt, or sleeve or attach it with velcro to your helmet or headset. You can even mount it onto your Can-Am Commander itself. Fix it to the dashboard within easy reach of your right hand, or mount it just off the steering wheel column to the left for all you left-handed folks out there. Some steering wheels even allow you to mount them in the center. And with quick disconnect options, you can even use a PTT button with a detachable aftermarket steering wheel.

If you’re tired of everyone talking over each other on your communication system, exert some control using a push-to-transmit unit. They are water resistant and sweat proof, so no matter how hot it gets, your PTT won’t malfunction when you drip all over it. They typically connect to your radio or intercom via a three-pin or Nexus male connecter. However we also offer terminal adapters to connect any PTT button with any audio hub. No matter what radio or intercom you’re using in your Can-Am Commander, if you want push-to-talk functionality, Everything Can-Am Offroad offers the right style of PTT and PTT mount for you. Get yours and push to talk on your next ride!

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