Race Air Pumper System

If you and you’re passengers are sucking up dust like a vacuum in a sand storm, we’d suggest looking into a Can-Am Commander air pumper system. Initially adopted by those who drive their UTVs competitively, race air pumper systems have become more common both on and off the track. Unlike face masks or face shields, fresh air pumpers work with a full face helmet. And in addition to filtering the fine dust particles, they also act to cool you down as you ride. Fresh air pumpers are particularly useful for Commander owners who ride with a full windshield and no windows or doors — which creates a vortex that sucks in dust from the outside. If this is the case in your Can-Am Commander, you don’t have to to sport a half windshield and install net doors, a race air pumper system will work better by many multiples. You can either accept the dirt, embrace the dirt, and love the dirt, or keep it away from where it counts with a fresh air system. We offer fresh air pumps for two and four people, so your whole gang can have cooling air piped directly into their helmets. Install one for your wife’s sake and give her the gift that keeps on giving.

Some riders opt for Wolf snout dust masks, bandannas, or even surgical masks and paintball masks. Some work with helmets, but many do not. While they do work to some extent, compared to a Can-Am Commander helmet air pumper system, they just don’t compare. You use an air filter to keep dust out of your Commander, so why should you and your passengers’ bodies be any different. Sure you might say that you don’t need a race air pumper system on the track because there will never be anyone in front of you, but on oval tracks and short courses, you’re probably breathing in dust kicked up by yourself from the lap before. If you’re machine is a dust bowl and you’re tired of messing around with rear windshields and makeshift seals constructed out of pool noodles, upgrade your life with a Can-Am Commander air pumper system from Everything Can-Am Offroad!

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