Radio / Radio Kits

From CB radios and VHF radios to higher-frequency radios and other shortwave means of radio communication, at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got the perfect UTV radios and radio kits for any year or edition of the Can-Am Commander. Many Commander riders opt for programmable hand-helds, thinking that they are easier and cheaper than UTV radio kits. However they are limited in range, and a lot of the folks we’ve talked to that tried them never seemed to have much luck with programmable hand-held devices. It doesn’t matter if you ride in large groups and are looking for an easier way to communicate when you don’t have cell phone service, are part of your local search and rescue team and need the ability to coordinate over large distances, or you just want the piece of mind that comes with having a connection to the outside world when you’re deep in the boonies, the Can-Am Commander radios and radio kits we offer do it all. And because even the longest-range radios use a maximum of fifty watts, you shouldn’t have any problem powering them without the need for an aftermarket UTV battery or a dual battery setup in your Commander.

We have side-by-side radios that come pre programmed on the VHF/UHF bands as well as antennas and antenna mounts for extended range. Through our partnerships with companies like Rugged Radios, Midland, and Kenwood, we offer our customers access to the highest quality Can-Am radios and radio kits. With various wattages, broadcast distances, channel capabilities, and levels of programability, you’re sure to find something great within your price range. Be it a high-tech radio kit with all the newest features or a classic redneck radio for to meet your basic communication needs, where UTV comm radios are concerned, Everything Can-Am Offroad has your back!

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