Radio / Radio Kits

Everything Can-Am Offroad offers a range of UTV radios and radio kits to suit any year or edition of the Can-Am Commander. While some riders opt for programmable hand-helds, these are often limited in range and may not be reliable. Whether you ride in groups, are part of a search and rescue team or simply want a connection to the outside world when deep in the wilderness, the radios and radio kits available at Everything Can-Am Offroad offer a variety of features and capabilities. Through partnerships with companies like Rugged Radios, Midland, and Kenwood, the store provides customers access to high-quality products with various wattages, broadcast distances, channel capabilities, and levels of programability. The available side-by-side radios come pre-programmed on the VHF/UHF bands with antennas and antenna mounts for extended range. Plus, even the longest-range radios use a maximum of fifty watts, so there's no need for an aftermarket UTV battery or a dual battery setup in your Commander.

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