Looking for an audio receiver to use in your Can-Am Commander? If so, then you’re in luck. Here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got UTV race receivers, radio receivers, and other types of communication receivers to allow riders to monitor the airwaves. UHF receivers are popular as many race directors use the the ultra-high-frequency spectrum to transmit race details and other information. These same receivers, however, can also be used by your crew and teammates to also send you voice communication during a race. In fact, they have features such as channel override, which mutes other channels in favor of official racing channels so you never miss a beat. With either earbuds or helmet speakers that fit comfortably under any style of helmet, you’ll be in on the action no matter how loud your Commander is. And through the use of button-locking mechanisms to avoid unwanted volume or channel changes as well as tone codes with multiple settings to avoid frequencies that are already in use, you’ll have complete control over your receiver.

Even though receivers are common-place within the racing scene, their use isn’t limited to the track. Search and rescue units, forest servicemen, and work crews all utilize UTV radio receivers to plan, organize, and function as a single unit. Give the foreman or crew chief the transmitter, and the rest a receiver so they can follow instructions as they go about their tasks. Add an antenna to your receiver to maximize its range when you’re on a long-distance jaunt. Those who ride with children also like to use receivers for emergency situations. If you child needs help, they can send a message using their portable radio and you can listen in all the while just in case. Mount a UTV receiver permanently to your Can-Am Commander or use a portable one that you can leave behind when it’s not necessary. Whatever reason you may have for running a UTV receiver in your Commander, here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, our audio receivers won’t let you down!

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