UTV Intercoms and Accessories

Get the ability to talk to the passengers in your Can-Am Commander without the need to resort to yelling or sign language with a Can-Am Commander intercom system. Not only can intercoms be used for passenger-to-passenger communication, but many also include other built-in devices such as radios that allow for vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Some, such as the intercoms by Rugged Radios, even have an interface to allow you to play your favorite music. And with auto-muting capabilities, the volume of your music will automatically lower or mute when someone is talking. We offer just the UTV intercom if you already have headsets and a push-to-talk button. And we also have complete intercom kits with everything you need to get your Can-Am intercom system up and running. The Sena intercom system is popular, and can be linked up with three other riders and used to take phone calls as well. The PCI 4 link pro intercom provides similar features, but at a slightly higher price.

We have 2-person intercoms that allow drivers to communicate with the person riding shotgun as well as 4-person intercom systems so every passenger is connected. Regular walkie-talkie style communication devices can work, but the sound quality is low and the transmission distance is shorter range. Satellite phones and radios are also used by some Can-Am Commander riders. However such satellite-based devices often loose connectivity under a thick canopy of trees and in the mountains. This is why serious riders go with UTV intercoms for their Can-Am Commanders. Especially if your Commander has an aftermarket exhaust that makes it extremely loud, talking and listening to music can become difficult if not impossible. But with an intercom from Everything Can-Am Offroad, you can chat, listen to music, and block out all the external noise. Get yours today and communicate with ease.

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