Seat Belts/Safety

Everything Can-Am Offroad is your one-stop-shop for all your Can-Am Commander seat belt and safety needs. They offer a wide range of safety accessories, including the Can-Am Commander seat belt bypass kit for those using aftermarket Can-Am Commander harnesses, seat belt bars, extenders, and shoulder straps. The selection of Can-Am Commander safety gear includes 4 point harnesses, 5 point harnesses, and even sport low harnesses. As a rider, you should never gamble with your life and the safety of your passengers. Everything Can-Am Offroad ensures that you and your passengers are as safe as possible when enjoying your Can-Am Commander. Choose Everything Can-Am Offroad to ensure your safety accessories are of a high-quality, and you can trust them with your life.

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A standard seat belt is a safe place to start as most seat belt options work with the stock components of your CanAm Commander, however, as you upgrade your UTV aftermarket accessories, you may find yourself inclined to take things up a notch and to go for a harness. The don’t take away from the thrill of the ride or lessen the adrenaline rush that you are looking for, if anything adding a roll cage and grab handles may make you feel more secure about upping the ante of your next adventure. Take no chances though and invest in the best for your Side by Side and here at Everything Can-Am Offroad we know the best, because it is all that we carry.

We have Can-Am Commander harnesses in a variety of types and styles. If you’re looking for 4-point harnesses, 5-point harnesses, or other types of UTV harnesses, our selection is guaranteed to have the right Can-am Commander seat belt for you. Not only that, but we also have the best harness-related accessories, such as Can-Am Commander harness bars on which to mount the harnesses and seat belt bypass plugs to override the stock seat belt sensor. And if you’re riding with the family, we have youth-specific Can-am Commander seat belts and harnesses so your little ones can ride safe and sound.

If you do a lot of trail riding, the PRP 4.2 Auto Latch is an excellent trail harness, but UTV firms like 50 Caliber and Simpson also make quality trail harnesses, racing harnesses, and other safety accessories. A quick search on Everything Can-Am Offroad demonstrates that the UTV aftermarket accessory industry offers a plethora of options for your Can-Am Commander, and choosing what is best for you, your passengers and even your Side by Side may seem quite stressful because you want the best option. However, we are here to guide you in your search for safety. We can walk you through the pros and cons of UTV seat belts and harnesses to ensure that you choose the best and safest options from the powersports brands that you trust. Through strategic partnerships with companies like DragonfirePro ArmorUTV MountainQuadboss and Assault Industries, we stand by our products. Because although it’s not our lives on the line, we act like as if they were. So strap down in a 4 point seat belt in your Can Am Commander Max, install a 5 point seat belt in your Can-Am Commander Limited Edition, or get a Pro Armour Harness for your Mossy Oak Hunting Edition and ride safe knowing that if an accident does occur, it won’t become a tragedy.

Whether you need a harness override clip for your Can-Am Commander or a lockdown harness bar, you will be happy to know that you will not have to go hunting all over to get all of your safety and seat belt needs met. We have a comprehensive list of options available and all of them are up to the task of keeping you and your people securely in your UTV even on the roughest of rides. Some of the safety implements that we carry include extinguisher mounts, harnesses in various points, harness seats, seatbelt override adapters with switches, fire extinguishers, and much more. Each part that we carry was made with your specific model of UTV in mind, be it the Can-Am Commander or the Can-Am Commander MAX. The beauty of trusting in these particular UTV aftermarket parts is that you can be sure that they are all made by the best and also are held to the highest safety standards. The next time that you get into your Commander feels more secure than you ever would have before. Enjoy that ride with friends and family knowing that you are as secure as you can possibly be and that you have chosen to go with safety implements from right here.

The safety rating of your rig should be of utmost importance and if you’re a racer or driver that prefers the roughest and most treacherous terrain, then you should up-the-ante even more! Seat belts save lives, it’s a saying we’ve heard for years and it has been proven to be true. How much more so for machines that are built to be on the wild side? You can customize your UTV with safety accessories that add subtle or all-out protection in the places you need it most. You can get a 5-Point 3 Inch Lap Belt with 2 Shoulder Belt Safety Harness for your Can-Am Commander or a Billet Fire Extinguisher Roll Cage Mount for your Can-Am Commander MAX. We also supply other simple safety accessories like Parking Brakes, Mounts, and Harness Restraint Bars. Get seat belts and safety accessories for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.