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Batteries and Chargers

So you’ve got the latest UTV accessories on your Can-am Defender: a light bar, sound system, etc. But it doesn’t matter how good your accessories are if you’re powering them with an old, underperforming battery. And if you monitor your volt meter, you’ll see that it drops like a bad habit when you touch the winch switch — and takes forever for the voltage levels to come back up. So if you’re a Can-am owner with a decked out machine, you may want to consider running a kinetic battery. These Can-am Defender batteries can run circles around stock batteries, powering anything and everything from winches, subs, and kickers all night with the bike off. The Shurkien 45AH Can-am Defender battery is a popular option, but if you ride mud often or go through water, you’ll likely find that it’s a pain in the a$$ keeping mud from getting caked up on the back side of the battery — which will eventually corrode wires and wreak havoc on your Can-am battery. This can be thwarted with an Optima yellow top battery in the stock battery location. This is a sealed battery, which performs far better than OEM Can-am Defender batteries with caps that are not fully sealed. The Odyssey PC1200 is another solid battery, and the M Powers Can-am battery works wonders as well.

Riders seeking extra power often go with a dual battery setup. The OEM second battery kit is popular, and has gotten rave reviews from riders we’ve spoken to. It comes with a battery isolator switch, so even if one battery dies, you’ll be saved by the other one. But even if you only run one battery in your side-by-side, Can-am Defender chargers are available for those situations when your battery dies and you’re out of options. Whether you need a Can-am Defender battery isolator, a Can-am Defender dual battery kit, or just a simple Can-am Defender replacement battery, at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got the batteries and battery components to keep you charged and running right.

1 products

1 products

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