GPS Units

Be it a handheld GPS or a stationary GPS unit, here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got just the right GPS for any year or edition of the Can-Am Defender. Many riders like the Delorme handheld GPS units as they are both accurace and weather resistant. The down side to these and similar handheld GPS units is the small screen size. Furthermore, they’re about times the price of a Garmin GPS, but some say they’re worth every cent. And while we’re on the subject of Garmin GPS units, Defender riders have also expressed their satisfaction with the Garmin Montana 680T unit. Fix it to your machine with the Can-Am Defender Garmin mount and you can use it with the OnX Hunt Chip or a variety of other chips for trail maps around the globe. You can also download free open source topographic maps for many GPS units, which are as good and often times better than the ones you have to pay for. When you’re exploring a new area, having a GPS in your Can-An Defender is a surefire way to never get lost.

In addition to providing navigational services a good GPS will also show you a satellite view and even have tracking abilities so you can chart your rides. Store your tracking information locally in the GPS unit itself, or send it directly to your phone app or online portal. GPS trackers are also great security measures. Trackpro, iTrax, and FIN offer lots of great features like motion detection texts, perimeter limits, speed limits etc. Most come with great apps that have maps and amazingly accurate location data. If your machine is ever stolen, you’ll know exactly where it is. And for those who are into ice fishing, there are even GPS units for the Can-Am defender that can be used with fish finders so you can locate objects underwater using sonar. The Helix 5 is a good one, and you can add Navionics to it for more functionality. So whether you go with the Magellan TRX unit, a Backcountry Navigator Pro GPS, or any other Can-Am Defender GPS, look no further than Everything Can-Am Offroad for all your satellite geo-position and navigational systems.

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