Everything Can-Am Offroad is the go-to destination for Can-Am Defender headsets. So if you need to replace the old and worn out headsets the you’re currently using in your Defender, or looking for some brand new communication headsets to use with your intercom, we’ve got a variety of UTV headset styles for you to choose from. Behind-the-head headsets, for example, are a popular choice because they can be used with open-face and half-shell helmets. They wrap around the back of your neck, stabilizing themselves using an overhead strap — perfect for high noise environments such as the cockpit of a Can-Am Defender. Over-the-head UTV headsets are another option, with either dual-ear or mono-ear alternatives. Many of the headsets that you’ll find here at Everything Can-Am Offroad incorporate push-to-talk capabilities into their design. Combine that with adjustable microphone booms and you’ve got everything you need to get the conversation started. Add noise-canceling and active noise control features and you’re got a headset that will function in the loudest cockpits, pitstops, or roadsides.

Performance, however, is but a single factor in a UTV headset. If you’re going to be wearing a headset for hours on end in varied weather conditions, you’re going to want it to be comfortable. Using perforated top pads for optimal airflow and ear cups made with ultra plush fabric atop viscoelastic memory foam, you’ll get the all-day, all-weather performance you’d expect from a superior side-by-side headset. Get amped up when you ride, communicate in comfort under the most stressful of conditions, and get quality sound performance that only top-tier headsets can provide. For all their Can-An Defender headsets and headset-related accessories, experienced riders shop at Everything Can-Am Offroad. From foam mic muffs and cloth ear covers to headset carrying bags and the required cords and adapters, when it comes to headsets for the Can-Am Defender, we go the whole nine yards.

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