Helmet Kits

Be it an LS2 motorcycle-style helmet, an open-face helmet, or any type of ATV or UTV helmet in between, if you’re tired of shouting in order to communicate with your friends and family, helmet communication kits are a simple solution. Can-Am Defender owners that wear helmets know the feeling. Even when someone is in the same cab, a mixture of the engine noise and exhaust sounds is enough to overpower even the loudest of talkers. For this reason, audio helmet kits are frequently installed to make communication easier. Having the ability to velcro a helmet kit into the helmet you already own is a great way to save money. You can sync the kit with your Defender’s intercom to chat with your co-pilot and rear passengers, or connect it with a radio device for long-distance communication. You can even pair them with your standard phone or GPS unit to either make calls or get verbal directions to guide you on your way. And where music lovers are concerned, the helmet audio kits we offer at Everything Can-Am Offroad emit the best quality sound, so you can rock out in high fidelity.

If you’re using an in-helmet audio kit for communication, we offer units with microphones. If you’re using them for racing purposes, you might only need the helmet speakers and a radio receiver. Either way, the comfort and reliability of our UTV helmet audio kits is guaranteed to be the best. Choppy sound, static, or audio that cuts out periodically is frustrating to say the least. And if it happens during a conversation, you could miss out on key information needed to navigate or perform certain actions. Whatever the case may be, audio nerds and Defender owners alike rely on Everything Can-Am Offroad for great audio and communication helmet kits.

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