Some states, parks, and OHV areas require safety flags to be flown on UTVs, while helmets are mandatory in others. This can be problematic for those who use headsets to communicate when riding in their Can-Am Defenders. People who like to listen to music also suffer, as traditional headphones either don’t work, or are extremely unfordable underneath full-faced helmets. If you fall into one of these camps, then we’ve got the accessory for you: helmets with built-in headphones and mics. Unlike half-shell helmets that work with behind-the-head headsets and earphones, full-face communication helmets provide wearers with 360 degree protection — from the brain stem up and around to the lower chin area. Connected using bluetooth technology, these audio helmets are perfect for staying safe, communicating, and listening to music all at the same time. Use one in conjunction with a push-to-transmit button and an intercom to speak with your passengers, or sync one up to a shortwave radio for vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity. We offer bluetooth helmets that are DOT approved, SNELL certified, or ECE compliant for those who ride their Defenders in Europe. When it comes to audio helmets, safety comes first, but audio quality is a close second.

Voice activated microphones inside audio helmets allow for hands-free conversations, letting you keep your palms on the wheel and your focus on the trail. And even if you don’t have a UTV communication system, you can pair your bluetooth helmet with a phone or MP3 player for tunes, or a GPS unit for vocal directions. Gain the ability to express your thoughts without the need to lift your helmet visor, and worry less about personal or passenger safety knowing that protective measures are in place in the event of an accident. Get the ultimate blend of style, comfort, and audio performance with a communication helmet that has built-in speakers and a mic from your helpful friends at Everything Can-Am Offroad.

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