Offroad Short Course

Be it on the sandy desserts or muddy lowlands, any Offroad short course setup for the Can-Am Defender is never complete without an Offroad short course communication system. Sure the Defender may not be able to hold its own against something like a Maverick, but without an Offroad short course system, even other Defenders are at an advantage. As they say, two heads are better than one, and five heads are better than two. And with an Offroad short course comm system in your Defender, the driver, crew chief, mechanic, and other team members can all be synced up, connected, and ready to join forces to go for gold. On the crew side, a headset, a radio, and a radio coil cord allow spotters, technicians, and pit crew to notify the driver of anything and everything that pops up during the head of a race. On the driver side, a multi-channel radio receiver sends voice communications to in-helmet speakers or earbuds, while helmet boom mics and push-to-talk buttons allow the driver to talk back to his or her teammates and crew. Look at anyone with accolades in the Offroad short course division and they’re sure to have a communication system in their Can-Am defender.

For those who don’t race regularly, an Offroad short corse communication system isn’t exclusively for race use. Yes they excel in racing applications, but you can also use them for recreational purposes. Use the Offroad short course system when racing, then swap out and add a few simple accessories to use it in the field, at the dunes, or in the back woods. Don’t be caught in the middle of nowhere without a proper communication system. And don’t wait till the middle of a race to realize that you need a way to receive official communications from race referees. With an Offroad short course communication system from Everything Can-Am Offroad, you can do it all!

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