Push-to-Talk (PTT)

Push-to-talk buttons play an integral roll in any Can-Am Defender communication system. Whether you’re talking over an intercom, a two-way radio, or any shortwave radio device, where direct person-to-person communication is concerned, push-to-talk (PTT) buttons help to mitigate confusion by preventing overlapping conversations and stopping people from interrupting each other when speaking. Walkie-talkies are the most well-known PTT device, but most comm systems will benefit from a PTT button. So if you’re wanting to add a PTT button to your communication setup or are looking for replacement PTT parts such as wire cables, couplers, or the PTT button itself, we can hook you up with whatever your heart desires. We have hand-operated PTT units, foot operated PTT units, headsets with built-in PTT buttons, and all the PTT replacement parts you could dream of. Get a belt station for your PTT button if that’s convenient for you. Get a shoulder-mount for your PTT button to place it higher on your person. With velcro attachments as well as clips, clasps, and fasteners, you can stick your PTT button wherever it pleases you!

In addition to mounting your PTT button on your clothing, you can also mount it on your Can-Am Defender itself. The steering wheel is where many Defender owners like to have their PTT button, however that’s only one of many options. You can also mount it anywhere on the dash, above your head on the roll cage, even on the floor of your machine to be activated through the press of a foot. We have PTT adapters if your setup isn’t congruent, as well as quick release PTT connecters that allow you to go from wired to wireless in an instant. Battery life isn’t an issue with our wireless PTT buttons either. Ride all day without recharging then continue the fun well into the next day. Whatever style of push-to-talk button you may be after, we have the perfect one for you and your Can-Am Defender!

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