Push-to-Talk (PTT)

Push-to-talk (PTT) buttons are a crucial part of any Can-Am Defender communication system. Whether communicating over an intercom, two-way radio, or shortwave radio, PTT buttons help prevent overlapping conversations and interruptions. While walkie-talkies are the most common PTT device, most communication systems can benefit from a PTT button. We offer a range of hand-operated, foot-operated, and headset PTT units, as well as replacement parts such as wire cables and couplers. PTT buttons can be mounted on clothing, the Can-Am Defender itself, or with quick-release connectors that allow you to go from wired to wireless instantly. Our wireless PTT buttons have long battery life so you can ride all day without recharging. Whether you prefer a belt station, shoulder-mount, or velcro attachment, we have the perfect PTT button for you and your Can-Am Defender.

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