Race Air Pumper System

If you own a Can-Am Defender and frequently take it on dusty rides, you know the importance of keeping the cab clean. A leaf blower can work wonders after a ride, but what about during the ride? The Can-Am Defender rear wind screen can help reduce dust by reducing the vortex created by the front windshield. However, on windy days or when following someone, a fresh air pumper system is the best accessory to have. These UTV race air pumper systems are popular among racers and now with non-racers too. They provide refreshing air to both the driver and co-pilot while keeping airborne dust and particulate out. If you own a two-seat Defender, a two-person race air pumper system will suffice, but if you have a four-seat Defender or a machine with a jump seat, a four-person air system is available. Keep your passengers safe and comfortable during any situation with a race air pumper system from Everything Can-Am Offroad.

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