Race Air Pumper System

A good leaf blower works wonders to clean the cab of you a Can-Am Defender after a long and dusty ride. But what can one do to keep the dust at bay during a ride? A Can-Am Defender rear wind screen helps to reduce the vortex created when using front windshield, which pulls dust in from the sides. But when it’s windy outside or you’re following someone, the best accessory to have is a fresh air pumper system. These types of UTV race air pumper systems are common among racers, keeping both the driver and co-pilot cool with refreshing air while simultaneously thwarting any amount of airborne dust and particulate. These fresh air systems have grown increasingly popular with non-racers, and can be used by those who life on gravel roads, those who ride desert areas, or anyone who experiences gnarly dust storms. If you own a two-seat Defender, a two-person race air pumper system should suffice. But we also have four-person air systems for those with the four-seat Defender or a machine that has a jump seat in the back. The last thing you want is to blast your kids with dust that circles back into your machine while you drive. Get fresh air without any dust, bugs, or rocks with a Can-Am Defender air pumper system from Everything Can-Am Offroad.

Don’t waste your time trying to seal every crack and cranny of a windscreen, side window deflector, or full cab enclosure only to find out that dust can still get inside your rig. With a fresh air pumper helmet attached to a fresh air pump, you and your passengers will stay safe and comfortable during any situation. Most fresh air pumper helmets come equipped with communication systems such as helmet speakers and mics, allowing you to speak freely with your friends and family without having to take off your helmet. Keep dust out of your lungs and away form your eyes with a race air pumper system in your Can-Am Defender.

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