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Rugged Radios, Cobra Radios, Black Box Radios, when it comes to UTV radios for your Can-Am Defender if you can name it, we’re sure to have it. We have the radios themselves as well as radio kits — because what’s the use of a communication radio if you can’t use it to communicate? We have radios from brands you know and trust like Motorola, and radios from companies you may not have heard of such as Yaesu. But regardless of the brand, if you find it here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, it’s guaranteed to be a quality radio. Many riders like to use UTV radios that run on the citizens band (CB radios), however other shortwave radios that use UHF and VHF frequencies are popular as well. Even GMRS, FRS, and HAM radios can be used in your Defender — just make sure that you don’t transmit on restricted frequencies and have the appropriate licenses if you do. For example, search and rescue units, fire departments, and forest rangers often use radios to communicate. The last thing you want to do is interrupt or inhibit a search and rescue mission.

Can-Am Defender radios are great accessories to have in case of emergencies. If you break down in the middle of nowhere, come across an accident, or even have an accident of your own, having the ability to contact the outside world when you’re out of cell range is a great lifeline to have. Emergency situations aside, radios are popular for car-to-car communications at long distances. You can get standard radio kits that have decent range, or add an antenna to extend your radio’s range even further. Regardless of your communication needs when riding your Defender, a radio or radio kit from Everything Can-Am Offroad is sure to supply you with more than enough communicational capabilities.

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