Single Person Race Systems

The Can-Am Defender is a multi-seat UTV. However some riders still like to install single person race systems in their Defenders. If you’re one of these people, we’ve got the perfect single person race communication systems for you right here at Everything Can-Am Offroad. With UTV communication electronics such as radios for long distance transmission and reception, PTT buttons for switching communication modes, boom mics to record audio, headphones to relay audio to the driver, and antennas for extended transmission, our single person race communication kits have everything a driver could ever want or need during a race. Whether you’re a drag racer, Offroad short course sand / dirt racer, or long-distance marathon racer, no single-person racing setup is complete without a single person race system. Don’t put yourself at a disadvantage and get one for you and your Can-Am Defender today!

In addition to providing our customers with complete single person racing communication kits, we also have the various parts and components for those who already have two-way radios in their rigs. Need a shoulder mount for your hand mic? We’ve got both velcro ones and clip-on ones. Want something as small as replacement foam earbuds? We have those as well. There are no communication accessories too small or seemingly insignificant for us to carry. If there is a need, we are sure to provide a solution. So if you’re a solo racer behind the wheel of a Can-Am Defender, you’re sure to benefit from a single person race communication system. Use it to talk with your pit crew or use it to play your best racing tunes. Be it mounts for single person race radios, headsets, or in-helmet audio gear to use during a race in the Can-Am Defender, here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, the sky’s the limit!

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And what about small parts, should you bring some of those along as well? Short answer, yes. A belt is good to have on the machine at all times, and having an axle in the bike or at the very least the truck is also good. It’s hard to know exactly where to draw the line with what to bring, but you definitely need to have room for a cooler full of beverages no matter what. And don’t forget to bring a clutch tool for changing the belt, electrical tape, crescent wrenches, and hose clamps.

Regarding at-home Can-am Defender tools, a grease gun is a must for greasing up wheel bearings. If you’re doing any work on the clutch, be it either the primary or secondary, you’re going to need a special CVT clutch tool if you want to do it right. This tool loosens the belt up by spreading the secondary sheaves, making it so that when you put it all back together, you can do so much easier and, more importantly, correctly. Your Can-Am Defender clutch isn’t something you want to cut corners on, especially since it is your main source to make a machine move. Of course there are ways around using specialized UTV tools, but for what they cost we would without a doubt just recommend buying the right tools to get the job done right the first time.