Drive Belts

Are you in need of a Can-Am Defender drive belt tool and a new Can-Am Defender drive belt? Look no further than Everything Can-Am Offroad! We offer a wide selection of drive belts, including aftermarket Can-Am Defender HD8 drive belts, stock-style Can-Am Defender XMR drive belts, and kevlar-reinforced Can-Am Defender HD10 drive belts for ultimate strength and durability. No matter what type of drive belt you need, you can find it here with us. So if it's time for a drive belt change, choose Everything Can-Am Offroad for all your Can-Am Defender needs.

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If you’ve snapped, sheared, or otherwise broken your Can-am Defender drive belt, or if you’re preemptively shopping for a backup belt to use in case of emergencies, you’ve come to the right site! Be it a Can-am Defender drive belt replacement or something a bit more hardcore from the aftermarket, here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got the best Can-Am Defender belts and drive belt accessories to get you where you’re going without any fuss or flack. While some riders prefer factory Can-Am Defender drive belts, others go for aftermarket Can-Am Defender drive belts -- as most aftermarket UTV belts are heavier and more robust than their OEM counterparts. Gates’ G-force Can-Am Defender drive belts, for example, are reinforced with a carbon fiber inlay for added tensile strength. SuperATV also makes a heavy-duty CVT drive belt for the Can-Am Defender that is not only resistant to friction, but also high heat as well. From the Can-Am Defender extreme drive belts by Trinity Racing to the Sand Storm line of Can-Am Defender drive belts by Evolution Powersports, find the best belts on the market from the industry’s leading manufacturers by shopping at Everything Can-Am Offroad.

Some Can-Am owners think that running heavier drive belts will rob horsepower from their machines, however the effects on HP from hefty Can-Am Defender drive belts are negligible. Besides, as is the case with most aftermarket accessories and non-stock side-by-side additions, there are always trade offs. One trade-off that riders make is to add a bit of extra weight and occupy additional storage space with a belt and all the requisite belt tools in case something happens on the trail. After all, it’s better to bring a replacement Can-Am Defender drive belt and not need it than ruin an entire weekend and wishing you were more prepared. You never know what kind of Can-Am Defender belt problems you might encounter, so toting around both a spare belt and a Can-Am Defender belt removal tool can be a total lifesaver should the need arise.

Although it is necessary to replace broken Can-Am Defender drive belts when they break, it is often wise to swap out your worn-down Can-Am Defender drive belt before it snaps, grenades, or completely disintegrates. Depending on how you ride as well as the conditions where you ride, your Can-Am Defender belt life can vary from a few years to a few days. But regardless of how hard you are on your rig, an upgraded aftermarket Can-Am Defender drive belt is sure to last longer than stock-style belts. And just because a belt is strong and long-lasting doesn’t mean it’s going to be expensive. In fact, many Can-Am Defender drive belts sell for a higher markup simply because of the brand name on the packaging. You can find off-brand Can-Am Defender belts that are identical to their factory counterparts, but only cost a fraction of the price.

Another thing that new UTV owners should be cognizant of is the Can-Am Defender belt break-in period. If you buy a new machine, you shouldn't immediately go gung ho on your first outing. The 10-hour break-in period for factory Can-Am Defenders isn’t just intended to let the engine oil, differential fluids, and gearbox lubricants get flushed through the system; it’s also for the Can-Am Defender drive belt. So unless you intend on replacing your factory Can-Am Defender drive belt with a better version soon after buying the vehicle, take heed and keep a light foot during the break-in period!

For Can-Am Defender drive belts, Can-Am Defender drive belts, and Can-Am Defender drive belts, getting a belt that is smooth yet grabby is important. And when it comes time for a Can-Am Defender belt change, make sure to pick up a Can-Am Defender belt change tool to add ease and efficiency to the process. For extra high performance, some riders install Can-Am Maverick X3 belts in their Defenders -- the 64” X3 belt to be specific -- while others opt for Can-Am Defender EVO belts. But regardless of whether you climb hills in your Defender, crawl through waist-high streams, or transport hay, firewood, and salt blocks around your property, with a Can-Am Defender drive belt from Everything Can-Am Offroad installed in your side-by-side, there are no off-road obstacles or impediments that can’t be overcome! So come on down and get yourself a replacement drive belt that is vastly superior to the factory Can-Am Defender drive belt, Can-Am Defender Max drive belt, and Can-Am Defender Pro drive belt!

Whether you go with an OEM Can-am Defender drive belt replacement, a Gates drive belt, or something from a powersports company like Ultimax, the best belt in the world will always fail if it doesn’t breath. This is why it is important to clean the intakes — especially if you’re pushing snow, running tracks, or hauling heavy loads. If you make sure to keep your CVT belt intake blockage free, it is not uncommon to get in excess of 1500 miles on your stock belt — even if your Defender sees some hard use. The Can-am Defender is definitely a beast of a machine. But if you don’t take care of it, it won’t take care of you. So when you’re replacing the drive belt on your Can-am Defender, make sure to put it on right. We’ve seen several people put it on backwards, which is definitely a no-no. Further, when you take the belt off the rollers, make sure to keep weight on it when you do as there’s a spring behind it and parts can be lost. If in doubt, take it to your dealer or local mechanic. Before you do, however, make sure to get the best price on a Can-am Defender drive belt by going through Everything Can-Am Offroad!

The best drive belts for your UTV can all be found here. The brands that make them include Trinity Racing, Dragonfire, Moose, and SuperATV. Whichever drive belt you decide to go with you can be sure of one thing, it will neither wear out quickly nor prematurely burst. These brands all make some of the toughest drive belts in the UTV aftermarket industry. You are sure to be happy with the performance that you get out of these belts and if you do drop a point or two of horsepower the performance of these drive belts will definitely supersede that. Be confident in your choice of drive belt for your Can-Am Defender. Choose and know that you have invested in a quality part for your ride that will be up to the task under pressure. Given that you are here you already know that you are choosing from the best, the reason they are the best is that each of these manufacturers has spent many years in the UTV industry invested in innovation and ensuring that their products are top-notch. Choose for your Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender MAX a drive belt that will serve you faithfully each time that you take your machine out for a spin.

Drive belts work hard to improve the overall performance of your ride. They provide maximum power transfer through clutches and can handle the friction and heat created. A new drive belt is a must-have for riders who want to attempt higher speeds with no loss of performance and no damage to their system. Drive belts that give you a more consistent throttle response at high speeds, a decrease in slippage at increased torque levels and an increased horsepower capacity are what you can find at Everything Can-Am Offroad. You can get G-Force C12 Carbon Series CVT Drive Belts by Dragonfire for your Can-Am Defender or High Performance Plus Drive Belts by Moose for your Can-Am Defender MAX and many others. These drive belts are made of top-quality materials and are built to withstand high temperatures. Get affordable drive belts for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.