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Looking for a Can-am Defender exhaust system for that perfect deep-sounding tone? Want an exhaust that you can rip at 7 am to make your neighbors or fellow campers hate your guts? Whatever you’re searching for, be it a slip-on Big Gun exhaust, Dual RJWC exhausts, or a loud-n-proud exhaust by HMF, here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got the perfect exhaust for you and your Can-am Defender. When it comes to aftermarket tail pipes for the Can-am Defender, few do it better than Empire. That being said, many riders have found the Magnaflow Magnapack mufflers to be more than satisfactory. Whatever exhaust you choose to go with, however, we’d suggest running an ECU tuner to allow for more fuel on that Can-am Rotax engine. In many cases, when your retrofit your UTV with a aftermarket exhaust, the fuel-to-air ratio can be off, which can be remedied with a tuner.

My friend who is a dealer for Can Am has had to do lots of leg work getting a company to tune his computer because the fuel to air ratio was off after adding an exhaust. But because the Can-am Defender runs lead from the factory, a tuner may not be 100% necessary — but it’s still highly suggested. Even the Yoshi pipes that Can-am says don’t need fuel tuning probably do. Running an aftermarket exhaust with less restriction than stock just makes them run hotter without fuel tuning. That’s why a few Can-am owners were having issues with melting plastics on the new Renegades and Outlanders. That being said, we know people who have been running the Big Gun slip-on exhaust on their Can-am Defender for years with zero issues. However, if you put a full exhaust system on and remove the header pipe, running a flashed ECU or plug-and-play tuner will help you avoid running lean. Regardless, if you’re looking for performance gains or just want to modify the sound output of your side-by-side, a Can-am Defender exhaust for Everything Can-Am Offroad will let you do both!

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1 products

1 products

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