Farming Implements

Everything Can-Am Offroad offers a range of Can-Am Defender farm accessories to assist you with landscaping, grading, and agriculture tasks. Choose from a variety of farming implements such as disc plows, mower attachments, and cultipackers to handle any job with ease. Our selection of Can-Am Defender accessories is extensive and we guarantee you'll find what you need to make your farm work more efficient and productive. With our top-quality products, you can trust that you're getting the best value for your investment. Shop with us today and experience the difference that our Can-Am Defender farm accessories can make!

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Anyone who thinks a Can-Am Defender isn’t capable of holding its own against bigger machinery isn’t giving enough credit to the Can-Am name. Can-Am emphasizes reliability and durability throughout its entire product lineup, so it should be no surprise there is a plethora of Can-Am Defender farming implements available for your off-road machine. After all, you can take a Defender off the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the Defender. Gone are the days of mules and oxen tilling the land, but horses are still a pillar of modern agriculture - horsepower, that is. The Can-Am Defender brings lots of them to the pasture, and it’s eager to complete a full day’s work at a moment’s notice. Everything Can-Am Offroad is here to help you outfit your machine with a well-rounded assortment of Can-Am Defender farming attachments to get the job done. If you want the fastest, most stylish tractor in your county, then look no further than our extensive lineup of Can-Am farming accessories.

Some power sports enthusiasts and side-by-side owners use their Can-am Defenders for leisure, while others use them to get their much-needed adrenaline fix. Others, however, use their Can-am Defender as a work machine around the ranch, farm, or homestead. If you fall into the latter camp, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got all the best Can-am Defender Farm Implements to make your tasks easier, quicker, and less strenuous. Why bust out that dually pickup with a terrible turning radius when the nimble Can-am Defender can get the job done in half the time. Why use your bulky and cumbersome John Deere when a UTV is equally effective and consumes far less petrol. Whether you’re tilling fields, herding cattle, or dispersing seeds, the Can-am Defender Farm accessories from Everything Can-Am Offroad are sure to optimize your work-related tasks.

If you are committing to using your Defender as a farm machine, then you’ll need to make sure you have a quality hitch to accommodate the various implements you’ll be using. Fortunately, there are plenty of aftermarket options available that will allow you to start making use of our vast array of farming implements. If you really want to step it up a notch, you can get a Kolpin Powersports 48” accessory tool bar that significantly increases your ability to make use of our wide assortment of Can-Am farming attachments. With this accessory tool bar and a few simple attachments, you’ll be able to immediately step up from hobby gardening to small scale farming with significantly improved effectiveness and efficiency. This means you’ll get to do less manual labor while reaping increased yields in a more maneuverable machine than a standard tractor.

Once your hitch is set up to your liking, you’ll be able to start using your various attachments. Some of our most versatile Can-Am Defender farming implements are the 800 lbs.-rated dollies from Field Tuff and the various UTV trailers from Moose. Both of these all-purpose attachments are great for common ranch tasks, so they’ll see regular use and make you think you should just leave it permanently attached. If you’re working on large-scale landscaping projects or midsize farms, then you will benefit from our assortment of landscape rakes, disc plows, ground-driven trailer spreaders, drag harrows, and tow along mowers. These are all great Can-Am Defender farming attachments that will pay for themselves in short order on midscale farm plots and large commercial landscaping projects.

Our next set of Can-Am Defender farming attachments are best suited for owners hoping to tackle full on large-scale agricultural operations. We have top-of-the-line rough cut mowers, cultipackers, engine-powered tillers, disc plows, chisel plows, and more. Our cultipackers range in size from 4 - 8 feet, so we have an option optimized for all scales of farming. Of course, we have several tine cultivators and chisel plows for more precise scarification practices. Finally, one of the most specialized Can-Am Defender farming implements we offer is the bean and corn planter from Field Tuff. This unique attachment will help small-scale home gardeners step into the big leagues with an automated and highly specialized farming tool that reduces waste and maximizes yields. Nobody will question your rig when they see how well it works.

The Can-Am Defender may not look like a traditional farming machine, but it carries a proud history of reliability and durability. The first time your neighbors see your Defender, they’ll be pointing and laughing. The second time, they’ll be asking to borrow it. With a proper arsenal of Can-Am Defender farming implements, your growing season will become much easier and more productive. Farm and ranch work has never been a quick task, but a Can-Am Defender will help you get it done with enough time leftover to hit the trails before supper is ready. Let Everything Can-Am Offroad outfit your UTV with all the best farming accessories so you can be more productive when the morning rooster crows and have more time doing what you love in the evening - ripping rooster tails in the back forty.

With tools and attachments like Can-am Defender Disc Plows or rototillers, you can use your side-by-side to its fullest potential. Get some Can-am Defender attachments like snow plows to keep your roads snow free, and other UTV farming implements to make your life a little less hard. Spend less time doing grunt work and more time enjoying the great outdoors. Whether you’re bailing hay, harvesting alfalfa, or conducting the yearly calf branding, the Can-am Defender will aid you no matter what the chore. And when lunch time rolls around, throw some rocky mountain oysters in some tin foil and on the hot exhaust for a tasty mid-day treat! So don’t delay and get the right Can-am Defender farm implements you need this season. After all, life as a farmer is hard enough as is, so why wouldn’t you do everything in your power to save time, save money, and save your tired back!

Not sure where to start on your farming journey? How about starting with a badass plow. Battle Armor UTV Designs has a six disc and an eight disc plow that you can use as your first implement. This plow will cut down your work time and get you back to the trails and the offroad adventures that you have been looking forward to and you will have done the work so well that your next day of work will be super easy. Choosing the right farming implement depends on the type of work you are looking to get done and if you are gathering farming implements to start a hobby farm then choosing is going to come down to self-control and your wallet because quite a few of these UTV aftermarket farming implements are hands-down badass. All of that aside the parts that we carry are top of the line and will serve you and your farm life for years to come once you maintain them as instructed. We carry a wide range of brands, all of which are highly respected and you are sure to find the right ones to work in tandem with your Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender MAX.

Farming in the hot sun every day can be hard but with custom farming implements for your rig, you can make your job much easier. Farmers who own UTVs have come to see the benefits of purchasing farming implements as attachments and accessories for their machines as opposed to spending thousands of dollars on farming vehicles. They love the fact that by doing so, they get a 2-for-1 rig that can switch from a workhorse to a leisure toy in just minutes. We supply the widest range of farming implements at Everything Can-Am Offroad. You can get a Big Buck 8 Disc Plow for your Can-Am Defender or a Small Buck 6 Disc Plow by Battle Armor Designs for your Can-Am Defender MAX. These plows are far better at plowing hard to reach areas that traditional tractors. Get farming implements for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.