Can-am Defender gun holders like the Kolpin XL Rhino Grips have received a lot of good feedback from hunters, as have Sure Grip gun racks. But when it comes to protecting your rifles, your best bet is a Can-am Defender Gun Boot or P.R. Gun Case. Even if you have a rack to prevent your gun from rattling around, a UTV gun case can still provide a good deal of protection from dust and moisture. For all the bow hunters out there, we also have many Can-am Defender bow holders and Can-am Defender crossbow racks to keep your bows safe and accessible.

In addition to gun/bow racks, there are also side-by-side accessories that aren’t specifically made for hunting, but sure to make hunting easier. The back bumpers with foot steps in them, for example, are very handy for putting stuff in the top of the quack rack. Back lights and side lights are very handy as well. Two inch cube lights on both corners of the cab make visibility during twilight hours much better, and you can adjust them so one shines in the bed and the other can be used more for back up light. If you hunt in wet areas or rice fields, you might consider going with tracks as they perform well in the fields and you won’t have to by a lift or aftermarket axles. And with all those aftermarket hunting accessories and extra weight, you might want to consider some HD springs from companies like S3. You wont regret them once you start bolting on accessories and watching the ground clearance disappear. For all your UTV hunting needs, look no further than Everything Can-Am Offroad!

What can be said about all of the options that you see here is that as much as different hunters prefer different mounts, as a hunter you know your preference and what suits you best. What is most important is access to your weapon and the safety of carrying it while you are on the trail. The gun racks and hunting accessories that you find here for your UTV are all of the highest standards and are made by brands that are respected such as ATV TEK, Seizmik, Classic Accessories, Kolpin Powersports, Hornet Outdoors and Moose. Choose from any one of these UTV aftermarket hunting accessory options, strap them to your roll cage or add them to your cab and happy hunting! You will be happy that you chose one of these for your machine years down the line when you are still able to depend on it. The next thing to be noted about these accessories is that they work with both the Can-Am Defender and the Can-Am Defender MAX, so you will find the right rack or hunting accessory in general for whichever model calls your garage its home, plus these accessories just look great and look great on your Side by Side.

Hunting trips are the best! Its when you can bring all of your toys together and play how you like to play. Picture it now… all of your guns and crossbows strapped into your beefed up badass rig and you and your riding buddies are ready to head out. And of course, your cooler nestled in the bed of your UTV waiting to transport the kill. What a trip that’s going to be! You can get all of your gun racks and hunting accessories at Everything Can-Am Offroad. You can get an In-Bed Double Gun Boot 6.0 Mount for your 2020 Can-Am Defender or an In-Cab On-Seat Gun Holder for your 2020 Can-Am Defender MAX. Protect your expensive equipment with high-quality carriers, cases, and racks that are made for keeping them safe while you take on the unforgiving trails. Get gun racks and hunting accessories for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.

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