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"Whether you’re looking for a simplistic and space-saving mounting solution that doesn’t compromise on safety or if you simply insist on building your own custom-made gun rack, these Can-Am Defender gun grips, clamps, and holders we have on offer are sure to provide everything you need and more. If you need a sturdy bracket from Kolpin or the grips, clamps, and holders that mount just about anywhere and hold just about anything, you can totally customize your setup so that your weapons ride where and how you need them to. As always, safety takes priority above all else, which is why these offerings from Seizmik and other high-quality brands are carefully vetted by our team before they make it to you. It doesn’t matter how many guns or how big, so long as you have the space to secure them. At the very least, finding a Can-Am Defender gun grip set, clamp, or holder will keep you from just carelessly throwing those weapons in the bed (or even worse, the cab). At the most, they’ll outperform your all-in-one gun racks by providing the most versatile and minimalistic mounting setup you’ve ever had. Who says you have to take up your entire passenger seat or back row when you can just go with two heavy-duty rubberized clamps and call it good? The possibilities are endless when it comes to these Can-Am Defender gun grips, clamps, and holders, so figure out where and how you want those weapons mounted, and we’ll do the rest. "

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