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Radius Rods

From boxed radius rods and radius rod gussets to aftermarket replacement radius rods for the Can-Am Defender, for anything and everything Defender radius rod related, riders trust Everything Can-Am Offroad. Stock replacement radius rods for the Can-Am Defender are an option for Defenders with bent, broken, or otherwise compromised radius rods. But if you want to proactively upgrade your machine with virtually unbreakable radius rods, aftermarket options are the way to go. It doesn't matter if you use your Can-Am Defender for work, play, or a mixture of both, as a low-laying UTV component, the radius rods are always susceptible to damage and degradation. Add road salts to the mix that are frequently used on snowy highways and byways and corrosion comes into play. But regardless of why you want or need new radius rods in your Defender, we've got the right stuff for you!

Be it Lonestar Racing's Heavy-Duty Rear Boxed Radius for the back end of your Defender or some front Defender radius rods by UTV firms such as S3 or Assault Industries, we've got the side-by-side components and accessories that are stronger and last longer than the competition. Whether you need a Defender radius rod for the passenger side, or a complete set of radius rods for each side of your machine, you won't be disappointed with the radius rods we offer her at Everything Can-Am Offroad. Give your Defender the ability to thwart dive pressures during decelerations and avoid wheel-hop when stomping on the gas with some quality Can-Am Defender radius rods! Need some more ride hight to fit those aggressively tall tires on your Defender? High clearance radius rods can give you that extra space without sacrificing your machines geometry. Whatever your radius rod needs may be, we've got you covered 100%. Don't wait and order yours today!

1 products

1 products

The radius rods on your Side by Side have served you mighty fine up to this point, but this is the point at which you need to upgrade. Think of the terrain that is yet to be explored and think of the new adventures that you have yet to even dream up, and in those two things you have the basis to get these radius rods for your 2020 Can-Am Defender. If these two are not reason enough, then think of how badass your machine will look with your brand new radius rods. You can choose a color that goes with the rest of your machine so that you are also adding to the personal style of your UTV. As aftermarket UTV parts go, the radius rods that we carry are stronger than the stock version that you have now and will give you the added clearance that you need to take on the more rugged terrain. You will also find everything radius rods related for the 2020 Can-Am Defender MAX.