Stop! I said Stop! Not a good feeling when you push your foot down on the brake pedal and nothing happens, and you see or rather feel yourself careering out of control. Not a good ending to that scenario; lots of accidents, lots of damage: to both rider and vehicle. But all that can be avoided with the proper maintenance and inspection of your UTV braking system.

What do we mean by that? Well, UTV brakes and rotors are the most common UTV brake aftermarket accessories replaced. When your Can-Am Defender feels like it isn’t giving you that instant stopping power, or your brake pedal seems to have a little play, the first thing you should check is how worn down your UTV brake pads are. Remember, you don’t want to wear you pads down completely before replacing them. That is what will cause gouging in your rotors and once that happens, regardless of how much thickness is left on them, you will have to replace them.

Another UTV brake accessory to be aware of is your brake caliper. Your Can-Am Defender brake caliper is what your pads are mounted into. These can become worn and brittle over time. So always take the time to make sure they are still going strong so your Can-Am Defender can keep going strong.

Last but not least is your brake lines. Your brake lines are responsible for making sure that brake fluid is being properly disbursed throughout the braking system which allows for prompt and reliable braking every time. If the lines get damaged or wear down, they cannot do their job. So here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, you will be able to find all these and more to keep your braking system in top notch shape.